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  iqs 20:02 23 Nov 2009


Posted a similar thread in the Vista section,but decided maybe the helproom would be better.

A new laptop was set up with the wrong user name.
The name was changed in user accounts and 'computer name' in device manager.

The problem is when a file is saved or download,the original name is present.

When I view user accounts(not the user accounts in control panel),the new name is shown and the original name in brackets.

From this description of the problem,can you offer any advice please.

  woodchip 20:09 23 Nov 2009

Try this, Go to Start Run type REGEDIT, click the my computer at the top so it checks all regedit, go to Edit in the Menu click Find press enter Right click then choose Modify then press F3 to go to next and do the same until you get to end of regedit.

Do not touch anything else as your computer may not boot. Only Modify the Name you are looking for with your own name

  Woolwell 20:24 23 Nov 2009

To get to regedit in Vista type regedit in the search box.

When I had a PC delivered in my name instead of my son's (who it was for) I did this click here
Created a new user account.

  iqs 20:39 23 Nov 2009

Hi woodchip,thanks for always helping.

I have followed your advice,but I might be doing something wrong(i hate manually editing the registry).
I have clicked on the edit tab,then find,and a box appears waiting for me to type something.There are three boxes which are ticked keys,values and data.Thats as far as I can go.

Hi Woolwell,

Thanks for the link.I have already created another admin account,I hoping it will address the problem.Just waiting to find out.
I will pursue woodchips way,just to make sure that the wrong name is permanently gone for good.

Thank you both for helping

  Woolwell 21:15 23 Nov 2009

Create a system restore point before editing the registry then you can go back.

  iqs 21:25 23 Nov 2009

thanks Woolwell

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