Vista or Fujitsu Siemens Problem?

  Expat 1 11:20 06 Nov 2007

I am running Vista Home on a Fujitsu Siemens Pi2515 laptop. 120 GB Hard drive with 2GB of Memory.

Was having no problems until I bought and connected a 7 port 2.0 USB powered Hub.Running from that is HP Printer, which is not switched on all the time as is a Iomega 200GB External disc drive, for back ups
Also running from the hub is a Logitech wireless mouse and a 2GB Pen Drive.
The problem is that the Laptop will not power up if I turn on with the USB drive connected.

Is it a common fault with Vista or Fujitsu Seimens Laptops. It gets very tiresome having to keep unplugging and plugging in the USB drive every time i switch on. Any advice or solution will be greatly appreciated.

  Expat 1 11:38 06 Nov 2007

O S Is Vista Home Premium.

  Grantrh 12:00 06 Nov 2007

I would try plugging the USB hub into a different usb port if you can or seeing if the laptops recognises the hub without the devices plugged in and eliminate what the problem might be that way.

  Expat 1 12:15 06 Nov 2007

Have tried all that just like to know whether anyone else has had the problem. Both OS and Laptop only 1 month old.

Added to the fact that I am in Spain and have a bit of a problem locally with the language

Thanks all the same for your interest.

Expat 1

  ventanas 12:17 06 Nov 2007

Its a common problem with Vista. if you try to boot with an external drive connected and switched on it won't get past the bios read.
I have the same issue, but consider it only a minor one.
Just make sure your external drive is off when you boot.

  Taff™ 13:06 06 Nov 2007

I concur with ventanas, this was also a problem with some XP machines. Just make sure the external drive is switched off.

  Expat 1 13:20 06 Nov 2007

Pleased to know that it.s virtually common to the Vista OS.

Many thanks for you input.


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