Vista -- no keyboard layout button

  Florio 21:41 25 May 2010

I have an Italian version of windows vista, and so the keyboard and language settings are naturally in Italian. But for a particular music notation software I've just bought, I need to change my keyboard temporarily to English (U.S.). English is installed by default as a second language on my pc, but for some reason there is no keyboard layout button on the task bar. How can I get the button to appear? (I have already followed the advice given on the Microsoft site, to no avail).

  northumbria61 06:45 26 May 2010

Florio - is this what you are looking for ?

click here

  Florio 18:54 26 May 2010

No, not really. Sorry.
I've contacted the author of the software in question, and I should change my keyboard to US layout. According to my control panel, this layout is installed but I cannot get the keyboard layout button to appear on the task bar.

  Woolwell 20:15 26 May 2010

Reading the web there seems to be a number of users who have had this problem and I cannot find a reliable fix. I cannot experiment as I don't have a second language installed. But I wonder if Left Alt + Shift would be a workround click here

  Florio 20:26 26 May 2010

Left Alt+Shift does indeed change the default language from Italian to English, but not the keyboard layout; I cannot do this unless I have the relevant button displayed.

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