Vista laptop not playing movie dvds?

  theDarkness 01:17 08 Mar 2010

My vista machine wont play movie dvds? Its an "OPTIARC AD-7530B ATA" DVD drive, running on an MSI VR601 laptop. Ive tried reinstalling the dvd drives own drivers, but I still cannot watch any dvd videos on any pc player (wmp/vlc). What else do I need, any help would be great. thanks

  SirMetal 03:41 08 Mar 2010

Try K-Lite codec pack. Might help. click here

  theDarkness 11:40 08 Mar 2010

thanks - I will try it, but I dont think that will help much, as even standard data and audio discs no longer work. No label name for the disc appears at all, despite the drive light flashing/trying to read the disc.

If I double click any type of disc at all, the drive will eventually eject it, telling me to insert a disc. It cannot read anything.
Since I have already re-installed the drivers for the laptop drive, and that didnt work, Im not sure what else I can do?

  Woolwell 11:47 08 Mar 2010

You could try cleaning the drive but it sounds as if the drive may be faulty.

  MAJ 11:48 08 Mar 2010

It could be that the drive's laser is caput, theDarkness. Just to clarify, does it play CDs? You could try the UpperFilters and LowerFilters fix if all else fails. click here

  theDarkness 12:11 08 Mar 2010

I have just tried a data dvd and audio cd, and nothing registers at all. The green bar on screen moves to the right, as if its trying to read the drive as normal, and the green light on the physical drive is definately on, but thats it, nothing happens. The light then goes off. I cannot remember if the light on the drive itself would flash when reading correctly or not.
if I can find out when it started to go wrong, perhaps that might give an indication of whether its possible to save it or not

  theDarkness 12:35 08 Mar 2010

update - I tried the MS fix in automatic mode, but the problem is still stated as not being fixed. With the report, "Insert readable media" is the only section which fails to have a tick, everything else is seemingly ok. I noticed theres a manual "let me fix it myself" mode for the whole registry fixing process, although im assuming this would make no difference. Sounds like a knackered laptop dvd drive, despite its lights still being able to come on, although im not sure what the common causes could be

  MAJ 12:44 08 Mar 2010

it could be a dirty laser lens try a 'head cleaner' or a soft, clean, lint-free cloth and a skinny finger. Or the laser could be dead, which would mean buying a new drive. Is the laptop old?

  theDarkness 12:57 08 Mar 2010

Its a relatives laptop, from 2006. Works fine, aside from this. The DVD drive itself does not seem too loose, and as the light on the drive comes on, everything seems like its connecting ok. They did have some errors/viruses beforehand which I cleaned out, but thats probably unrelated.
I noticed the account I am using is an admin (the main one they use), although Ive noticed "ASP.Net Machine admin account" from the control panel. I was just wondering what the most common kind of software might use it, as its not used by any physical user.. no doubt its 300% unlikely that it might be blocking any MS drive fixes, lol, although I did find a few admin problems relating to this account when googling.


  peter99co 13:14 08 Mar 2010

I "lost" a dvd player when I unistalled Realplayer and Fruit Bat posted a solution.

I cannot find the solution he suggested using search!

  theDarkness 13:28 08 Mar 2010

if fruitbats solution was a reply to your own problem then you can just click on "my postings" at the top of the screen to find it there?

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