Vista laptop keeps restarting- any ideas?

  buel 11:58 02 Nov 2013

Hi all, I have a 4 year old refurbished Vista Medion Akoya laptop. It has 3gb of ram. In the past I have put it under some considerable pressure such as having 15+ Firefox windows open and burning DVDs and it has always managed, even if the fan has sometimes been on full blast.

Since about two months ago, I can have it running with zero windows open and just burning a DVD and it will restart. When it does this it will usually restart again and again after only a few seconds of restarting. I have noticed that it feels quite hot to the touch so have put it in the freezer for an hour or so or just left it on a table overnight. More often than not this seems to do the trick, but not every time.

Thursday night I had 18 web pages open with several tabs open on each page and it restarted. Since then I have tried the freezer trick and even left it overnight but still it restarts.

Previously I have run all the antivirus and antimalware scans and disk check scans so I can't think of anything else I can try?

  buel 12:02 02 Nov 2013

I should add that now and then the laptop starts fine and three nights ago I even burned a DVD whilst having web pages open, no problem. I have about 40gb free of the 300gb hd.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:15 02 Nov 2013

HDD space is gettibg a little tight - time to get rid of unnecessary files / programs etc , back up stuff to an external drive.

However it does sound heat related (don't put it in a freezer) time to clean it of all the dust and fluff that will hav gathered in the grills and on the cpu heatsink and fan.

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  buel 17:56 02 Nov 2013

Thanks for that. However, I must say that it just restarted (whilst copying files to an ex hd)and the fan was barely on at all, nowhere near high revs. I am not confident that it is heat related. Could it be anything else?

  woodchip 18:17 02 Nov 2013

The PC box may need a clean, CPU Heat Exchanger may be blocked, fan not turning as it should

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 02 Nov 2013

Lots of web pages open is going to produce a massive amount of temporary internet files.

my guess is its crashing due to overload on cpu and disk space use CCleaner to get rid of unnecessary files.

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