Vista laptop can't see XP network printer

  cyberphobic 20:43 04 Mar 2007

I have a part wired/part wireless network with a network printer attached to one of the desktops which all the machines on the network (2 desktops and 3 laptops)can print to. All machines are on Windows XP Pro. I have recently loaded Vista Ultimate on to my laptop and everything works fine apart from the fact that I can't now get the machine to "add" the network printer or see it at all. I have tried various solutions to this problem but had no success. I 've changed the workgroup from WORKGROUP to MSHOME AND, disabled the firewall, and also enabled the Guest account but still no joy, does anyone have any suggestions please? (Have tried posting this on the Vista forum, but it seems a bit quiet over there!)

  moorie- 21:45 04 Mar 2007

i dont know anything about vista
can you see the printer if you go into
start/run/ and type\\workgroup name
ie if your workgroup is mshome type \\mshome

if it is go into my network places and add network place

  cyberphobic 10:14 10 Mar 2007

After spending hours on this I can at last print to my network printer. No thanks to Microsoft, there is nothing to indicate the crazy complications require to connect to a network printer which good old XP would have found in 2 seconds - and they call this progess.......
Anyway please see below, it worked for me

A Samsung SCX-4216F, the SitePoint office printer requires new printer drivers to work in Vista. Unfortunately, unless Vista has the necessary driver built-in (it doesn’t in this case), the Add Printer wizard in Vista insists on retrieving the driver for a network printer from the computer to which the printer is connected. At SitePoint (and at many other offices, I imagine), that is and will remain for the foreseeable future, a Windows XP computer. Since you can’t install the Vista driver on a Windows XP computer, that means that Vista fails to connect to the network printer.

The solution is a twisty one that I wasn’t able to find in any of the official Microsoft documentation. In short, you need to fool Vista into thinking that the network printer is actually a local printer, so that you can install the driver directly on your Vista computer.

Here are the exact steps that worked for me:

Download the Windows Vista printer driver for the SCX-4216F multifunction printer from click here.
Install the driver on your Windows Vista computer. During installation, you’ll be prompted to connect the printer to your computer. Choose the option to proceed with installation without connecting the printer.
After installation completes, open the Printers applet from the Windows Vista Control Panel.
Right-click on the new Samsung SCX-4100 Series printer and choose Properties.
Go to the Ports tab.
Click Add Port…, select Local Port, then click New Port…
For the port name, enter exactly the network path and share name of your printer (e.g. \\RECEPTION\Samsung SCX-4×16 Series).
Click OK, and double-check that this new port is selected with the checkbox next to it.
Click OK to close the printer properties.

  cyberphobic 21:04 11 Mar 2007

Perhaps I should have made it clear that this solution works for all printers (mine is an epson CX3200)just substitute your own for Samsung SCX-x16 SERIES

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