Vista, Internet Explorer 7, & no history or cookie

  Tonycablejr 17:44 07 Nov 2008

Someone i know has just bought a new Mesh computer, that runs vista and IE 7 and he is having a few problems.
when he runs IE7 in protected mode, it does not save any history or log ins. it works fine when in unprotected mode.
Feeling clever i told him to check to make sure cookies are enabled, the security is right and that history is enabled.
i was soon cut down to size when i was informed its still not working.

so has anyone got any ideas? i've done some reasearch and can't come across any information, and i don't know what else to try.

Thanks in advance.

  rawprawn 17:52 07 Nov 2008

Tools>internet options>browsing history section>settings
button and set the "Days to keep pages in history"

How many days is it set for?

Maybe your history folder is corrupt. Delete your history using
delete history feature.If that doesn't help,delete the history folder for the affected identity in its entirety.

  Tonycablejr 17:54 07 Nov 2008

its set for 20 days.

i'll give that a go, but if that is it, how come it'll work in unprotected mode? surely if it was corrupt it wouldn't work in either?

  rawprawn 17:57 07 Nov 2008

Sorry I don't know I just did a quick search and came up with that.
If you hit CTRL + H what do you get?

  Tonycablejr 17:59 07 Nov 2008

well i've not seen it, but i would have thought that its prob got the dates but nothing listed underneath or is blank.

  Technotiger 18:03 07 Nov 2008

Why does he need protected mode? Not really necessary unless he browses dodgy sites or similar. Protected mode is only a bit like UAC which is just a blooming nuisance IMHO.

  Tonycablejr 18:06 07 Nov 2008

oh right as long as your sure i'll tell him to use it in unprotected mode then. just wasn't sure how safe it was.

  Technotiger 18:08 07 Nov 2008

Yes, that is what I would advise.

  Tonycablejr 18:10 07 Nov 2008

well i have advised this, so hopefully this will sort the problem out.

thanks everyone for your help.

  brundle 18:20 07 Nov 2008

It's not a good idea to run IE in non-protected mode. Better off to tell your friend to switch to Firefox, it's more secure in the first place.

click here

There's more to UAC than nagging boxes to tick, it is actually a useful thing to have, if badly implemented. There would be far fewer people needing forums like this to help them de-gunk their machines if older versions of Windows didn't default to letting everybody run as Administrator (effectively), allowing any unwanted proccess access to everything...

  brundle 18:30 07 Nov 2008

Other things to try if Firefox is not an option;

Checking the permissions on that account's system files which can be rather involved, or create a new account and try IE in that. I've had a similar problem with Vista/IE7 and Flash, solved by creating a new account.

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