vista internet connection problem

  rsturbo 16:54 09 Jan 2009

vista desktop machine will not connect to internet via ethernet cable (checked cable).
works on wifi fine. other vista pc's work on this router (BT).
have vista laptop will not connect via wifi (checked on other wifi and works) but will via ethernet on same router.

both computers have been reinstalled to check for any problems.

please help its driving me mad!

  skidzy 17:16 09 Jan 2009

" vista desktop machine will not connect to internet via ethernet cable "

Check device manager for the controller driver is installed ?

" have vista laptop will not connect via wifi "

Again check device manager to see if the wireless card driver is installed ?

Does device manager show any yellow exclaimation marks ?

  Pineman100 17:45 09 Jan 2009

" have vista laptop will not connect via wifi "

Is the computer's wi-fi switch switched on?

Sorry if that seems ridiculously obvious, but it can happen...!

  rsturbo 19:14 10 Jan 2009

wifi switched on,

  rsturbo 12:50 24 Jan 2009

this is driving me mad!!

thanks for any suggestions

  birdface 12:55 24 Jan 2009

If connecting from a modem switch the modem off at the switch leave for 10 seconds and turn on again and see if that does it.

  rsturbo 22:21 10 Feb 2009

but still getting no connection with vista computers, xp ok.

any more ideas??

  harps1h 23:55 10 Feb 2009

is the nic software version compatible with vista?
when i ibntalled vista i couldn't connect to tne internet and it turned out to be the nic was a version 1.0 and i needed a version 2.0 nic. so bought a new one and on in 20 secs

  rsturbo 23:40 13 Feb 2009

checked and also they have worked before, this is confusing me!

  rsturbo 23:22 20 Feb 2009


  Pineman100 18:28 21 Feb 2009

Your Vista laptop will connect via ethernet but not wifi. This suggests that the problem lies between the computer and the router.

Can the laptop "see" the wireless network? In other words, when you click Start>Connect To, is your wireless network listed as an available network?

If so, what happens when you try to connect? I presume your network is encrypted... are you sure that you're entering the correct encryption key?

If you're certain that all that is OK, have you checked to see whether MAC filtering is enabled on the router? If it is, then is your laptop's MAC address properly entered as a permitted one?

As regards the Vista desktop, have you tried updating your NIC's driver to the latest version? Alternatively, I would try harps1h's solution - a new NIC is very cheap.

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