Vista incredibly slow copying, moving, deleting

  frustrated_user 10:54 17 Mar 2009

Using Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba Satellite laptop, we've noticed incredibly slow responses for deleting (admittedly largish) folders

The same is true for copying and even moving - the latter is surprising as it happens even if you are simply popping aforementioned large folder from a desktop location into a new desktop folder...

Annoying, although at least you can do other things whilst it;s churning away. The same operations on our old XP PC are more or less instant....

  crosstrainer 11:00 17 Mar 2009

Common problem on some machines...Can't vouch for this as I have not used it, but seems to have had good reports:

click here

  beynac 11:10 17 Mar 2009

Have you installed SP1? This resolved a number of issues with copying or moving files.

  frustrated_user 11:25 17 Mar 2009

I'd read about SP1 and to be honest, couldn't recall if we had or not, but just checked and we have.....

  canarieslover 13:02 17 Mar 2009

Having moved to Vista a month ago, from XP Pro, I an finding the same problems as you are. What should be a much faster machine, Q6600 as opposed to P4 2800, seems to be reduced in speed by the operating system. I am currently looking for motherboard drivers with a view to installing XP on my new machine. I have been gradually turning off all the the features that I don't need in the hope of speeding things up but to no real avail. I really can understand your forum name.

  frustrated_user 13:36 17 Mar 2009

LOL at the Forum Name comment!

Tbh, I hate Vista. I've struggled with it for months now and am still considering "starting over" with XP. OK, there are a few nice touches, but on the whole, I knew my way around XP and it was fairly quick at most tasks. Vista, on the other hand, seems to make you work much harder to do the same things and is without a doubt much slower....

  tullie 14:25 17 Mar 2009

Dont know what the problem is,i love Vista and dont experience these problems,hows your ram?

  canarieslover 14:30 17 Mar 2009

I don't know about frustrated_user but I have 3gb of ram. Perhaps I'm too impatient but I only have the one life and I do have other things to do than wait for Vista.

  frustrated_user 16:56 17 Mar 2009

2gb of RAM...

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