Vista freezing inexplicably - XP fine

  NinkyRudes 10:28 01 Sep 2008

I hope someone can help me here - I'm stumped.

I am a relatively experienced system builder, and recently decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my main gaming system to Vista. The machine had been running trouble free on XP professional for about 18 months, but I decided to add a 1Tb Samsung Spinpoint F1 and a totally fresh install of Vista Home Premium.

For the first fortnight, it was running absolutely fine. All updates were installed within a couple of days (including SP1), and all my games and other apps installed and configured like a dream.

Then, about a week ago, the system started to freeze either when using desktop apps or when left idle for anything up to an hour. Not just simple freezing either, sometimes it will lock up with no cursor movement at all, others the cursor is still active but the system is totally non-responsive, with the time in the taskbar stuck ominously at the time the freeze occurred.

The difficult thing is, I have never experienced the freeze first hand. It always happens either when the computer is left alone, or when my girlfriend is using it. She only uses IE7, WMP 11 and occasionally Office 2003. I use the machine mainly for gaming, and just to illustrate I played Race Driver: GRID online for two solid hours last night, and shut down without a hitch.

The PC is very well cooled, and has no problems in XP (I can still dual boot), so it must be something happening within Vista itself. I can post specs, logs or whetever is required (when I get home from work), I'm just not sure where to start with it all!!

I WILL NOT be defeated by an operating system!

  brundle 10:46 01 Sep 2008

Checked the event log? Have you checked all your hardware is on the Vista hardware compatibility list? click here Run the machine with all un-neccessary devices unplugged?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 01 Sep 2008

sounds like a driver problem.

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