Vista drivers for Epson RX600

  dianel 14:57 22 Mar 2008

I have recently bought a new PC with Vista. Having installed my existing printer (model in title), and allowing Vista to nip off to the internet and find the drivers, no longer has the option in priter properties to replace/recharge a cartridge. I now have a printer that I cannot put new ink into. I have searched the Epson site, but just come up with the same driver that Vista downloaded. Don't want to but a new printer as I have a stock of cartridges (unused) on my shelf and am happy enough with the device.

Does anyone have any idea?

  csqwared 16:39 22 Mar 2008

You don't mention which download you have. I've had a look at the Eposon site and see there is what seems to be a programme, Epson Scan 3.0u, rather than a driver. From their page -

"EPSON Scan directly controls all of the features of your EPSON scanner. With this software you can scan images in color, grayscale, or black and white and obtain professional quality results. This program is the standard cross-platform interface between your scanner and most applications. You can access it from any application that supports the TWAIN standard."

Look here - click here

Hope that's of some use.

  csqwared 16:43 22 Mar 2008

Oops, just re-read that and now realise that's just for the scanner part of the RX600. Having said that I can't see an actual driver for that model for Vista. The driver that is listed on their site, 5.5bs is for XP.

Sorry if I've confused things.

  csqwared 16:51 22 Mar 2008

Further to that it would seem it might not be compatable with Vista - look here click here

I appreciate it's in German but if you scroll down to this bit " Unterstützte Betriebssysteme" you'll see Vista isn't listed. Perhaps you need to contact Epson.

  brundle 17:01 22 Mar 2008

It's on the Vista HCL, should be fine;

click here

Might seem a daft question but is it just the option/button/control that's missing, or the function too? Doesn't it automatically detect when a cartridge needs replacing and prompt you?

  morgueman 17:37 22 Mar 2008

This wont be any use for the weekend, but on the Epson website you can try and talk to someone online using E-talk, normal working hours i think. Get there via support, enter relevant details then goto contact support, e-talk is on there.

  dianel 19:02 22 Mar 2008

I have posted a question to Epson, but have had no reply (mid week). The XP driver used to prompt for replacement, and then prompt with a 'click here' button to take you through the process, at the end of which it would recharge the cartridge. Other than displaying ink had run out, these drivers have no promt, I did replace the cartridge rather hoping it would be clever enough to recognise and recharge, but no such luck, still thinks I need to replace the ink.

Thanks for help anyway

  morgueman 19:28 22 Mar 2008

You can change the cartridges from the panel on the printer itself! Enter the setup option!

  dianel 16:42 23 Mar 2008

Hi Morgueman, unfortunately what you say is correct, should be possible from setup panel, however that died months ago! My research on-line reveals it's a common fault with these printers. Coming to conclusion may have to buy a new printer, the 10 cartridges on my shelf are holding me back, plus it's still an excellent scanner.

  dianel 21:17 23 Mar 2008

I reconsidered what was going on here and although I no longer had the option on the properties tab, it occurred to me the printer should be able to recharge as soon as the heads re positioned themselves as it would recognise a new cartridge. In desperation I simply removed all the ink again and put each one back in, seating them very carefully. Closed the lib and bob's you uncle, ink charged. So if anyone is out there and can't get to a menu item and their setup screen no longer works, here's all you do

To move heads into position to change ink, press the B&W button on the front of the printer, this moves the cartridge holder out.

Change Ink (seating carefully)

Close printer lid. Ink should start to recharge

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