Vista Download Problem - Information Sought

  spuds 02:11 13 Jun 2006

This evening, I connected to the Microsoft website, and downloaded Vista beta. Straight through with no delays,instant connection, but I am now wondering whether I have done everything correctly.

1. Downloaded 32-bit, then 64-bit. Both programmes took approx 30 minutes per download. I assumed this would be very much longer, going on what as been suggested.Is that download time correct on Tiscali 2MB service, or have I missed something?.

2. On my download manager (Leechget), both programmes carry the same reference details. This would appear to make it difficult as to which download is which.

3. Microsoft have issued me with two product keys, but no reference to which download (32/64) they refer to. Is this routine normal!.

4.I was unable to make any disk's, possibly due to my system set-up. So I had to abandon the task. No disk, no possibility of installing, at present!.

Can anyone throw any light on the above. Have I downloaded correctly. Or do I try again, possibly obtaining the disks from Microsoft, if all else fails?.

  [DELETED] 08:50 13 Jun 2006

Yes something is certainly wrong!!!!
I have 2Mb broadband too and the Download for Vista is 3-4 Gig depending on if you have the 32 or 64 bit version.
If you can download 3-4 Gig in 30 minutes on Tiscali then I am certainly going to change my ISP to Tiscali!
I would guess it would take about 20 hours plus to download vista. I suggest you try and find it as a Bit torrent download which will make life easier.

  [DELETED] 08:52 13 Jun 2006

Can anyone throw any light on the above. Have I downloaded correctly. Or do I try again, possibly obtaining the disks from Microsoft, if all else fails?.

If all else does fail, PM and I'll pop a copy in the post, P.S. I'm on Blueyonder 10mb and I'd be willing to move to Tiscali if I got that sort of download time for Vista! ;-)

  [DELETED] 11:19 13 Jun 2006

The 32-Bit is 3.12GB, which downloaded for me in just over 4 hours...

I am on AOL 2MB BB connection, and as others have said I will move to Tiscali if it downloads a 3.12GB file in 30 minutes ;-)

  bazb 11:24 13 Jun 2006

It took me just under 2 hrs to download the 32-Bit version, on a 4mb Blueyonder connection.
Download size was 3.13 GB

  [DELETED] 11:39 13 Jun 2006

From the responses you have received here spuds I would definatly check the file sizes of what you got cos it really does sound as if you haven't got it all.
Mind you I've no intention of trying Vista anyway.

  spuds 16:22 13 Jun 2006

Apologies for delay in response, late to bed and very early start, busy day.

When I commenced first download at 12.12am and it had completed by 12.42am, I thought funny, that should have taken about 3 to 4 hours at least. So thinking that I would venture further, I commenced second download at 12.42am and this completed by 1.19am.

Having checked my DVD unit, it appears to have a fault, so it looks like a case of an urgent replacement needed there.

So in all, it looks like a 'back to the drawing board' job all round (time permitting).

Thanks again everyone for the input. I will tick as resolved for the time being.

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