Vista clean install help wanted

  golfpro 14:53 03 Nov 2008

I didn't know were to put this thread but I choose Help Room if it should be moved then do so.
I have an Acer laptop which I bought with Vista HP pre installed (German language version), I would now like to change the OS to Vista English. This means buying a new MS Vista disc in English. I would like to do a clean install over my German edition, but which one should I buy. I have looked on Amazon and the one which looks right is the "Windows Vista HP edition with service pack 1 (PC) 2008)". Is this correct or do you know better, I would like to know before forking out 138 quid.

  Woolwell 16:06 03 Nov 2008

I wonder if you can achiev what you want by not buying a new version of Vista but by installing a language file (LIP) click here
I have no personal experience of this.

  mooly 16:49 03 Nov 2008

An OEM Copy is much cheaper. About half the price, but it ties you to the machine you activate it on. Don't know whether they have SP1 included, suppose they will do at some point.

  mooly 16:50 03 Nov 2008

click here;jsessionid=AKMGAKBHLHYIMCQLCISJK0Q?N=411&Ntk=gensearch_003&Ntt=visya+oem&Ntx=&_requestid=158868

  ventanas 17:04 03 Nov 2008

The usual rubbish from the uninformed. OEM is for new build machines only, which clearly this is not, and golfpro is obviously aware of that.

  golfpro 05:34 04 Nov 2008

I went the OEM route once before when I changed ME for XP. To me it was a waste of money when I changed my computer after about one year the OEM went it, it could not be transferred to my new machine. I don't want to make the same mistake again.

  mooly 08:16 05 Nov 2008

Sorry to be one of the uninformed. Only trying to help.
I thought an OEM copy could be used on any PC whether or not it was a new build and whether or not a previous operating system had been installed. I did state it was tied to the machine it was activated on, ie not transferable.
If that is wrong, I am sorry, perhaps you could explain what machines an OEM will run on.
The link I gave gives a different page now ( home page ) but just type OEM VISTA into the search box. £70 for one license copy £197 for 3 copies.
I agree if your only keeping a machine a few months it's not worth it.

  ^wave^ 08:46 05 Nov 2008

just reading this and as it was a german language machine has it got a german keyboard as well if then putting on an english version of os will change the keyboard lay out just a point to note

  golfpro 09:11 05 Nov 2008

Changing the keyboard is not a problem (I have two English ones), but I run a couple of my computers with English OS on a German keyboard this is also not a problem you get used to it.

  ^wave^ 09:17 05 Nov 2008

looking at the control panelgo to languages there and try and change it seems simple and may work

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