Vista Basic or Premium??

  Madrat 22:29 03 Dec 2008

What is the difference between Vista Basic and Premium

  chub_tor 22:32 03 Dec 2008
  chub_tor 22:33 03 Dec 2008

Sorry should have bee this comparison site click here

  Madrat 22:36 03 Dec 2008


So in peoples opinion, what is the differance in CPU/memory/graphic requiaments needed to run basic or premium, Curently run XP on athlon 3000 with 2 Gb ddr333 and 128mb AGP card.

  chub_tor 09:54 04 Dec 2008

That's a good question, certainly Vista Basic is much less demanding on system requirements as it does not have the Aero facility which in my opinion is one of the features that I really like about Premium. So Vista Basic will probably run with 1Gb of RAM reasonably well but Premium needs a minimum of 2GB if you don't want it to struggle.

I have Vista Premium on a laptop with shared graphics and it came with 1Gb of RAM, within a few weeks I changed that to 4Gb and there was a noticeable difference. I also installed Premium on a desktop dual booting with XP, this was built with 4Gb from scratch so I can't comment on how it might have performed earlier.

I rarely use the XP boot, maybe once a month to perform updates and one of my programmes that won't run on Vista (and I am too mean to buy a newer version as I use it so little). For me I find Vista fast (may be a function of the RAM size and both PC's are dual core (Intel in the laptop and AMD in the desktop, very stable - perhaps one blue screen in a year when I cocked up a driver, and I like the Aero interface. All except one of my old XP programmes runs on Vista (on a couple of games I use compatibility mode, but my games are simple ones such as Tiger Woods 2004).

From your spec I see no reason not to put Vista Premium on it. It will run fine but will run better if you increase the RAM to 3 0r 4Gb. I went from 1Gb to 4Gb simply because my 1 Gb was made from 2x512Mb and it was cheaper to buy 2 x 2Gb than a 2 + 1Gb.

  Madrat 13:42 04 Dec 2008


My PC is on its last legs I think so it looks like I might have to go down the Vista route, unles I can solve its problems and wait for windows 7

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