Vista Backup and Restore not restored emails

  Graham John 15:30 27 Dec 2008

I have just restored my laptop to factory settings and restored my documents etc. from a backup and restore made earlier. All the boxes were ticked, documents, emails, etc. and whilst everything seems to have been restored, even my favourites in IE7, neither the emails or contacts have been restored to Outlook 2007. Anybody know how to sort this? Thanks in advance

  Pineman100 15:43 27 Dec 2008

Did you use Vista's own Backup and Restore Centre?

If so, then here's a possible explanation of your problem (but I've never used this function in Vista, so I'm guessing).

If backing up your email data was simply a matter of ticking a box in the Vista Backup software, I wonder whether this does actually backup Outlook data.

Windows Mail is part of the Vista suite, but Outlook is not. So it's possible that just ticking a box within the Vista backup module would only backup data from Windows Mail.

As I said, that's just a theory from someone who doesn't really know what he's talking about. But if it's true, the I fear you may have lost your email data.

  Graham John 15:55 27 Dec 2008

Thanks pineman, interesting thought. I did use Vista's backup and restore centre. Although as it backed up Word, Excel, and every other item, pdfs, music and so on I would wonder why it left out Outlook?

  Pineman100 15:59 27 Dec 2008

Well, as I said I'm guessing, but as Outlook is completely separate from Vista, the Backup module may not have this function included automatically.

I know the horse has already bolted, but for the future, this may help you.

click here

  Graham John 16:18 27 Dec 2008

Thanks Buteman, had a quick look at your suggestion and it looks very useful, will try it now and every week from now on! Back to the question, Backup and restore backs up over 10,000 files and I have looked through these files for .pst or excel files, that might contain the data I need, but not yet found anything likely.

  Pineman100 16:36 27 Dec 2008

That seems to explain it then. Bad news, I'm afraid.

Just another thought for the future: do you use Outlook just for emails? If so, why not abandon it and use a webmail service like Google Mail in future? It's free and your data is always safe because it doesn't reside on your computer, but on Google's. You can also access it from any internet-connected computer, anywhere.

The normal folder system for filing your emails is replaced by (IMO) a much better system called 'labels'.

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Food for thought!

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