vista advice welcome

  malgall 19:43 23 Oct 2008

i have just brought a new dell laptop
with vista and it does look good
but what a pain.
have began to turn off things
UAC i can now see why people are getting angry at it good security but makes things impossible

  skidzy 20:01 23 Oct 2008

UAC is there for a reason,yes there are many that are unhappy with it but overall its something you get used to.

As posted in the Vista forum by Brundle,there is a new tool to manage UAC easier by Norton Labs click here

Do bear in mind,if you have problems installing / updating / running programs,just right click the program in question and run as admin.

  cocteau48 20:08 23 Oct 2008

Here's a very small program which will allow you to run UAC in "quiet mode"
click here

  FatboySlim71 21:01 23 Oct 2008

I've just came across the Norton Labs tool to make UAC more manageable.

I have never really found UAC a problem. The Norton Labs tool is very handy for when you are running frequently used/run programs that you know are safe, and you do not need prompted to allow to run each time you run that program.

Basically with the Norton Labs tool a little UAC like window will appear and it will ask you "A program needs permission to run" if you tick the box for "don't ask me again" and then click the yes tab, that program will run next time without the UAC prompt.

Other programs will still display the UAC like prompt need permission to run window.

Thanks very much Brundle & skidzy for bringing the Norton Labs tool to everyones attention.

  oldbeefer2 14:26 24 Oct 2008


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