Vista Activation.

  m800afc 20:43 30 Jul 2007

I have returned from a few days away to find that my copy of Vista Business has expired its period of "grace". I can no longer use Vista other than "Reduced Funcionality" I can only access a Microsoft website inviting me to either activate or buy a new copy. Worryingly, there was a comment at the bottom right of the screen saying "This copy of Windows is not genuine". I declined to activate or buy and the laptop went into automatic shut down. As it shut down a message appearwed "Do not shut down or power off - Downloading 10 upgrades"
What is going on? I know it is possible to extend the period of "grace" to 120 days. How, though do I do it if Vista will not boot up?
I am fortunate that I set Vista up on my laptop as a dual boot, so I can still use XP. Vista is on its own partition. If I reformat the Vista partition, will I be able to reinstall a working version of Vista? Will I then be able to extend the "grace" to 120 days.

  Technotiger 20:51 30 Jul 2007

If you are in UK, I suggest you telephone the number shown in my link. Microsoft UK is in Reading, Berks.

click here

  Kate B 23:16 30 Jul 2007

Why didn't you activate it during the grace period?

  m800afc 13:44 31 Jul 2007

I was away when the period of "grace" so I was unable to attend to the activation extension (se4e original post). I am loath to activate Vista until I am sure it fills my needs. So far it seems to do nothing that I need, that XP won't do. I am not impressed by the fact that it won't run Photoshop CS2. A longer period of "Grace" would enable be to truly evaluate Vista. Also, with SP1 available presently I want to wait. I received my copy as a free copy when I purchased a new copy of XP Pro. Microsoft say it is OEM, and wash their hands of it, the vendor says the free copy was supplied by a third party and so the vendor also will have nothing to do with it. The vista EULA does not mention a specific period of "Grace" and the 120 day extension is a published Microsoft fix.
Why therefore has my copy ceased to function?
Why does it now say my copy is illegal?
Will formatting my drive allow me to reinstall?

  [email protected] 14:13 31 Jul 2007

mines only ever worked once, get all kind of error illegal messages. call the number technotiger gave they will give a new code, be prepared for a long, pass from pillar to post call.

  Kate B 15:04 31 Jul 2007

I'm running Photoshop CS2 on Vista with no problems. It did for a while bounce the GUI into Basic, but a recent update has sorted that out. How much RAM have you got? Both Vista and of course Photoshop are RAM-hungry: I have 2GB and have no trouble with Photoshop.

You should be able to reinstall the OS, but I think you'll have to ring Microsoft for an activation code, which they'll give you if you explain what's happened. It's clear that your copy is legit. In fact, your OEM should be supporting you. Moduslink, which sent out the upgrade to you, is only a client of Microsoft and your OEM: responsibility still lies with the OEM which will have supplied Moduslink with the image it needed to create the upgrade DVD.

Your hassle-free route, though, is to revert to XP.

  hssutton 15:04 31 Jul 2007

I find Vista (Ultimate) to be very good for running Photoshop, both CS2 & CS3. it's running much better (read better as faster) than it ever did on XP-Pro, as does Lightroom. Lightroom was a bit of a pain when using XP, but it's now a pleasure to use.

Maybe it's down to the specs of your m/c.

  Kate B 15:41 31 Jul 2007

Yup, I agree, Lightroom is a joy to use. I use it more than Photoshop now for tweaking up images.

  m800afc 00:00 01 Aug 2007

I decided to take Kate B's advice and revert to XP. I have reformatted the partition that Vista was on and it has been removed...mostly.
When I turn on my laptop I still get the dual boot option, the one that asks if you want Vista or an earlier version of Windows.
How can I get back to the normal XP boot up?

  Technotiger 06:02 01 Aug 2007

Try running CCleaner click here

  hssutton 09:24 01 Aug 2007

Can you not do this via the control panel-system configuration (under the Boot tab) as in Vista?

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