Vista to 7 - options!

  cthooli 22:20 07 Mar 2010

Hi there,

Am going to upgrade from Vista to 7 due to numerous Explorer freezes and blue screens of death which after hours/days of Dell testing appear to be no way linked to a hardware issue!

So i've got all my eggs in one basket hoping it'll solve it!

With that in mind i want to make sure Vista is totally taken out and any processes/apps/programs etc are windows 7 - i'm able to simply upgrade from vista to 7 but will this be effective? Or do i want to totally wipe/format the hard drive and install from scratch?!

Opinions/help much appreciated!


  northumbria61 23:13 07 Mar 2010

I would recommend a clean install.

When you boot from the DVD you can format your drive in the screen where you have to select the partition to install Windows 7 on. So, you don't have to format C-drive first.

  cthooli 19:21 08 Mar 2010

Cheers for that! So guess its back everything up first time?

I've got a partition which is OS (C 285GB) and Recovery (D 9.99GB) never done anything on the D drive, guessing the 7 install will just take care of itself regarding partitions?!

All my data/programs/OS was(is) on the C drive! Would have made more sense if the OS was on the smaller section and the rest of data/programs etc on the larger!

  john bunyan 19:35 08 Mar 2010

I suspect your D Drive is a recovery partition. If I were you I would get a USB HD and copy or image all your data on to that - ie "my Documents" Also check on how to save your e mail set up as W7 does not use Outlook Express. (Google for options) I prefer two partions - about 100 gig for system and the rest for data, but do give this thought before your clean install.

  cthooli 19:42 08 Mar 2010

I am giving it some thought, hence me asking!

Am in the process of backing everything up now! Use Hotmail so now problems with the e-mail!

If i then simply shut down the laptop, then boot it up with the 7 dvd inserted it'll guide me through fine...?! Am slightly scared of the laptop freezing halfway through but at least if it is Vista thats freezing and crashing everything once it's off it'll stop!!

  Technotiger 19:43 08 Mar 2010

A clean install IS the only way to upgrade from Vista to Win7! You will need to back-up everything first and then reinstall after Win 7 has completed.

  john bunyan 19:48 08 Mar 2010

I agree with Technotiger, and hope you will consider a usb HD as a back up in any event. So many people on these forums lose all their photos, music etc when there is aproblem with their internal HD.

  Woolwell 19:56 08 Mar 2010

Have you made sure that your system, software and printer, etc will work with Windows 7 by running the Upgrade adviser click here?

You may find that you get the same crashes with Windows 7. Personally I would want to know what the causes are as I doubt that it is caused by Vista.

  wams 20:13 08 Mar 2010

I saved all my documnets to an external HD (personal data only)

I was in 2 minds to do a clean install due to having to install the pre-installed programs and drivers again. Now everytime i shutdown my laptop with enough battery power, several hours later i go to turn it on and its dead, the battery has totally drained. my laptop is less than 6 months old so i cant have a battery fault already, or can I?

After the upgrade i dont think its as fast as vista (unless ive done something wrong, but i followed the instructions by word)

What do you think is causing the problems to the battery?

Do you think i should do a clean install?

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