Vista 64bit or 32bit?.jackthelad

  jackthelad71 16:32 14 Jul 2008

I am buying a new PC, and when I metioned 4GB
Memory I was told that Vista Premium 32bit
would not use all of the Memory and I should have the 64 bit Vista,But will it make any diffference
to my Software Drivers ect;. I would like to
get your advice Re this. Jackthelad.

  Ditch999 16:39 14 Jul 2008

You will need 64bit drivers for your hardware and peripherals.

  Pine Man 16:40 14 Jul 2008

'But will it make any diffference
to my Software Drivers ect;'


Unless all your drivers etc are certified for Vista stick to 32bit. There is no problem having 4GB RAM with a 32bit system. It is just that 4GB is the maximum it can utilise after taking account of graphics and system RAM etc. You could actually utilise as much as 3.5GB so, particularly if you have dual channel, go for 4GB in matched pairs and get the optimum performance.

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