Vista 32 bit is great with compatibility of xp era software so why the big fuss?

  theDarkness 13:56 12 Oct 2008

If you have problems running hardware on vista, this is most likely an issue with the manufacturers to get up to date, and not vista itself. Since receiving vista and testing all my xp software, i have had very few issues with the system, so dont see as to why it should get such bad stick.. I am of course talking about a Vista 32 bit system, and not 64 bit! XP on 64 bit has enough issues so i wouldnt to imagine what vista would be like.. Vista on 32 bit however runs fine and is great with software compatibility.. anyone that thinks otherwise must be either trying to run win 95 era software or a bad batch of programs they are trying to run! Turn UAC off if it annoys you that much with its constant 'are you sure you want to do x' messaging, turn vistas transparent look off if you dont like its default theme, and turn the sidebar off if you dont like having gadgets on the right hand side of the screen! Sorry, but i thought i should be a more balanced view on 32 bit vista. Im not a huge fan, but i cant say i was with xp when that was released either. It may be true vista gets alot of bad press, but if its not a 64 bit issue in compatibility then it sounds like alot of bad luck .. everything bar an old copy of nero i have been able to run, and i have tried out alot. Aside from compatibility, i dont feel vista is enough of a step up from xp to warrant an entirely new op system, especially if you do not like UAC, but i am only talking about software compatibility. I am wondering however if there are many websites giving a list of xp era non game related software that simply refuse to run on vista? Non game as compatibility is usually sorted out quickly with old software in the world of emulation. Software that isnt game or related to running hardware, eg cd burning, or printers, scanners etc.. Has anyone REALLY had major issues with anything on 32 bit vista, especially when its not hardware related or based on vistas look or built in additional features? It seems most major manufacturers are at least making everything for 32 bit vista now, but i would still like to hear why people have such a problem with the operating system.. despite the fact it may be obsolete in the next couple of yrs with the next new windows operating system. Lol!

  bremner 14:21 12 Oct 2008

This subject has truly been done to death and then the carcass dragged through the dirt.

Some people like Vista some people don't - does it matter.

  mocha 15:10 12 Oct 2008

Hi thedarkness

Here are my three favourite programs that I have that do not run on vista. I therefore have kept my old computer running XP Pro, I also use and like the vista interface. But you can imagine how much It would cost me to buy the latest products below. Especially when these programs that I have do what I want.

1. Photoshop CS2
2. CorelDraw 12
3. Nero 6

Check out the link below, it makes interesting reading.

click here


  tullie 15:13 12 Oct 2008

Dident bother reading this because its too long and boring,and i voice Bremners comments.

  theDarkness 16:14 12 Oct 2008

Yep ill admit very long and boring, but i was bored on a sunday afternoon and wanted to know what apps people were still having probs with. Could have shortened it down a bit..! Mocha - that is a bit odd with cs2, i have photoshop cs1 and corel draw 12 and they work fine. I think ahead released a vista fix for one version of nero

  theDarkness 16:54 12 Oct 2008

for corel draw i had UAC off, seems ok although i havent used it much as of yet. if u still have problems try here click here

  martd77 17:44 12 Oct 2008

i run nero 6.6 on vista premium works ok,anything specific you have problems with?

  ashdav 18:05 12 Oct 2008

Totally agree with you.
I didn't like Vista and still don't but I've had to "embrace" it in order to sort out other peoples problems.

  mocha 21:16 12 Oct 2008

Hi theDarkness and martd77,

I installed CorelDraw 12 on Vista, seemed no problems till about three weeks ago then menus down the left hand side started freezing, I use the programs that I detailed above for semi pro photography eg. weddings etc. and I cant afford problems.

I went to microsofts web site as in my first link above. click here and found incompatibility problems with all three programs.

If your working with programs that can give you problems in this way then I would sooner stick with XP. Why loose hour's of work when I know XP and the above programs have worked without a problem.


PS. I still use Vista on a laptop to show my customers their photo's and I still think Vista has a slicker interface than XP.

  woodchip 21:23 12 Oct 2008

May I as, Why would I use Vista? I still use 98se as my main OS though I Dual boot it with XP and have two Laptops and another Desktop with XP. Software and hardware counts. If it works why change it?????

  woodchip 21:25 12 Oct 2008

To me changing OS is like keep buying cars just to have a new one on the Drive, and keep money bags pockets full that keep churning them out

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