Visage eXPertPDF *total* removal

  Wercs 17:50 31 Mar 2005

Visagesoft eXPertPDF v.3.1. Having successfully installed this program, I'm now trying to remove it completely from my PC. Everything appears to uninstall OK, however I'm left with the eXPertPDF item on the menu bar in both Word & Excel. On advice from Visage, I've unregistered the "eXPertPDFAddIn.dll" & removed the program via Add/Remove Programs. I've also removed every instance of Visage and eXPertPDF from the registry. Still the item remains on the menu bars. I've even removed then reinstalled Office but that doesn't remove the item. It even seems to be stumping Visage tech support.
Anyone ever come across this problem?

  TomJerry 18:50 31 Mar 2005

you should find something there to remove, if they are not under starup, check addon

  Wercs 22:34 31 Mar 2005

Tnx for the idea but no trace of anything connected with Visage in any Office directory - or even on my HDD come to that. Search comes up empty. Baffled!!

  Number 7 22:50 31 Mar 2005

If you haven't customized either of the Menu bars yourself, you could try resetting them.

In Word/Excel select Tools> Customize, and for Word select Menu Bar and click Reset.

For Excel select Worksheet Menu Bar and click Reset.

This should return both bars to thier default.

  Wercs 23:06 31 Mar 2005

Toolbar resets have done the trick. I must admit to feeling a little foolish, overlooking the obvious like that. Still, not as foolish as Visage support, they've been on the issue for almost 2wks. Tnx 7.

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