Mr Otten 12:47 06 Apr 2005

i've just tried to boot my Windows XP Pro SP2 pc, to no avail, it boots up well. but when i log in, it simply restarts itself. and this happens all the time, i have tried safe mode and it works, but i don't want to work in safe mode! i have done system restore but still no luck, anything you want to know just ask, or anything that i have missed out that would help you, please don't hesitate to ask!
Could someone help me?

thank you, Jason

p.s i have McAfee Internet Security Suite 6.0 installed and up to date.

  stalion 13:04 06 Apr 2005

go here and scroll down to system keeps restarting also do a scan with a2 in safe mode
click here
click here

  Mr Otten 15:44 06 Apr 2005

thanks, but although i will try your recmendations, your first link isn't quite accurate to my symptoms, as i said i will try them, thank you for your effort

  Mr Otten 15:50 06 Apr 2005

cna anyone point out that my symptoms relate to a possible cause?

  Yoda Knight 16:34 06 Apr 2005

run msconfig, disable everything and boot normally. if that works, run msconfig again, and re-enable the items one by one until you find the cause of your problem

  Mr Otten 16:50 06 Apr 2005

also my system will reboot if i try to uninstall Norton AV 2003 pro, has this got anything to do with it?

i've always had problems with norton

  VoG II 16:53 06 Apr 2005

Remove Norton click here

  Mr Otten 16:54 06 Apr 2005

have done what you told me but still to no avail, would a virus scanner pick up anything? or a registry editor?

  Mr Otten 17:07 06 Apr 2005

i think a clean slate is now my only hope

  stalion 21:02 06 Apr 2005

if you can not solve the problem post a hijack this log.Download hijack this to it's own folder run it and post the result on here.use in safe mode if necessary.break the result up in to sections as their is an 800 word limit on one post
click here

  Mr Otten 14:29 07 Apr 2005

it was all a mistake, windows was undergoing a serious error. and has now recovered from it, so it says (that's windows for you!)

thank you all

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