ian-205972 09:41 05 Mar 2004

I recently purchased a copy of an anti virus &
trojan programme from having been initially impressed with the trial version.
Several days later I am now unable to use my computer as it appears to be massively infected by a crippling trojan.
The only programmes that load at start up are
explorer, nprotect and csinject. All my security
software has been disabled. I am unable to access
anything on my control panel (access denied) and when
I have tried to download additional software but it will not install.
I have access to my documents and my computer but when I try to access windows from 'start menu' I am asked what programme I wish to open it with. Obviously I selected 'word for windows' and a file opens titled 'winword exe (read only)' which is about 9,000 pages long.
I have tried to run the computer from start up in safe mode (F8) but this will not work either. I cannot access system restore.
Any ideas or assistance for a comparative novice would be gratefully accepted.

  johnnyrocker 09:57 05 Mar 2004

try command/scanreg/restore? what os?


  johnnyrocker 09:57 05 Mar 2004

any clues in the name of vendor?


  ian-205972 10:17 05 Mar 2004

I don't necessarily think that my problems have come as a result of downloading that software but it concerns me that I have had loads of relevant security measures in place (norton antivirus, zone alarm firewall and adaware) but they haven't detected anything.
Just prior to this happening my internet start page was hijacked. The malware responsible was detected by adaware but not the others and it was in the registry so it kept restarting when the system was rebooted despite being quarantined.
I take on board what you said about the did bring a smile to my face despite what's happened.

  johnnyrocker 10:26 05 Mar 2004

could you get to somewhere like click here and try either on line scan or d/load netsky removal toool etc?


  ian-205972 10:50 05 Mar 2004

I tried a couple of online scans last night but they both required an element of downloading which would not install when complete. I can give the symantec one a try when I get home tonight.


  Cook2 11:12 05 Mar 2004

Try downloading click here it found three viruses on mine recently and killed them stone dead.

  ian-205972 11:40 05 Mar 2004

Thanks but it appears the downloads wont run (probably due to windows being infected). I'll give anything a try though. Do you think I'm doomed to re-formatting the hard drive?



  ian-205972 11:07 16 Mar 2004

Many thanks to the contributors who tried to assist me on this one. Unfortunately I am now in the process of having my system reformatted by my colleague who is also a forum member.

I am completely hooked reading this site now and find it an amazing source of relevant information from the members that has certainly helped me understand a lot more about computers.

As a relative novice I initially was sympathetic with DT118 but I, like the contributors, couldn't understand why he'd state that he'd already done things that were beyond me and then struggled over something that I could do without any great knowledge.

Having said this it is important for a novice like me that our questions are treated sympathetically by the members with far more in-depth skills.
Once again, thanks to all and keep up the good work

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