Virus,spyware, malware removal!!

  davdav234 20:04 22 Nov 2010

i have tried everything to remove viruses/malware from my pc. (malaware bytes mostly). we are trying a shop next? if my software cant do it, how will they be able to do it?

  Jameslayer 20:06 22 Nov 2010

What have you tried so far and how?

  davdav234 20:11 22 Nov 2010

i have tried running full scans on my norton internet security a number of times and on malwarebytes. on both they have said they have found and deleted the infections, but the pc is still running bad. i have tried disk cleaner, and defragment, but they dont seem to have improved the pcs performance.

  john bunyan 20:16 22 Nov 2010

Have you tried running Superantispyware?The free version is good.
click here

May be worth running it and malawarebytes in safe mode.

  davdav234 20:17 22 Nov 2010

ok ill try this. sorry im not very good with pcs, how do you run safemode?

  c4rm0 20:24 22 Nov 2010

Computer shops are very hit and miss most experts will get rid of Spyware /malware with the following

Run a Hijack this scan and check the logs for any suspicious activity

Run a app called Rkill which kills all spyware processes and services

And then run a full scan with Malwarebytes / Superantispyware

Run a full Av scan with updated defs

  john bunyan 20:30 22 Nov 2010

To run in safe mode, turn off PC then as you switch on keep tapping F8 key and select option to start in safe mode. Then run the programmes. Then restart - the PC should restart by default in normal mode.

  davdav234 20:36 22 Nov 2010

ok great thanks very much, i have another problem however.

(i am using a different pc to write this) i am trying to set up the other pc, and the mouse is not working whatsoever? its a usb connect one, and ive tried all the ports on the pc, turning on and off, restarting and ive tried another mouse and its still not working! any thoughts?. thanks

  john bunyan 16:21 24 Nov 2010

Open device manager, expand mouse entry. Is there a yellow triangle?

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