Virus+phone scam?

  Cymro. 12:17 09 Jan 2012

I seem to have been infected by some virus. I keep getting Emails from [email protected] This is just a standard notification of undelivered Emails. I actually opened one, yes I know I should not have opened it, it just contained a load of rubbish that meant nothing to me or anyone else. Whatever this virus is it seems to have hijacked most of my Email contacts list. So now others are also receiving similar Emails but with my address on them. I labelled them as spam so now at least they end up in my spam folder. I have given my computer a full scan both with Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Safety Scanner. Both these scanners showed up no problems. Now like many of you I have been receiving phone calls from somewhere on the Asian continent saying that I have a problem with my computer and that they could fix the problem for me. Obviously these are just scam calls that I just put the receiver down on. I am now wondering could there be some connection between the virus that has stolen me contacts list and the company that phones offering to fix me computer. The phone scam has been going on for some time and most of us computer users have long since learned to ignore them. Now just suppose the phone scammers have become cleverer and are now deliberately infecting computers before they phone offering to fix the infection that they themselves have caused. So any suggestions for a better scanner than the two Microsoft once that I have already used would be appreciated as would your thoughts about the connection between the virus and the phone scam

  birdface 12:28 09 Jan 2012

Try Malwarebytes or Hitmanpro to see if they find anything.Change your Password and check contacts for any that you don't Know.

  birdface 12:32 09 Jan 2012

Would your thoughts about the connection between the virus and the phone scam.

Looks like a possibility.

  Batch 12:32 09 Jan 2012

I'm sceptical about a connection between the email spamming problem and the phone calls. To start with how would they have got YOUR phone no.? I suspect the phone calls are just to random numbers and in your case that happen to have hit you at the same time as you have the other issue.

  Woolwell 12:36 09 Jan 2012

Unlikely to be a connection between the e-mails and the cold call scam. You are absolutely correct to put the phone down on these calls.

With the e-mails it would appear that someone (a spammer) is spoofing your e-mail address and sending out e-mails to all and sundry an in many cases to addresses that do not exist hence the mailer-demon notification of undelivered e-mails. The question arises how they got the e-mail address. Regrettably there are several harvesting techniques and/or a database may have been hacked.

You have rightly run an antivirus scan. I would also run malwarebytes and something else to consider is changing your e-mail address password. If it is a hotmail account then it could have been hacked and a change of password is essential.

These e-mails will probably die down but the only long term solution may be a change of e-mail address.

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