? Virus/Malware or what - odd behaviour of PC

  AroundAgain 00:24 12 Aug 2013

Hi guys

I need your help, yet again, please!

My PC (Win 7) has been doing rather strange things, or not doing what has usually been a simple task. The main problem is that I am not able to print an Access 2003 Report, using PDFCreator. The strange behaviour is that it comes up with a window "Location is not available" and then goes on to refer to a totally different path to E:\E Drive\My Docs\Photos** whereas the database is E:\CP*\Database saying the first one refers to a location that is unavailable, etc etc etc. I can put a jpg of the window in imageshack if it's relevant.

Clearly something has got it's wires crossed!!! I've done a full scan with Avast!, Malwarebytes and Spybot (Full system scan), restarted the PC and then done them again, eventually getting 'clean' reports.

However, the issue still continues. I'm totally baffled. I've never, in my 20 yrs of computing, had much in the way of viruses or malware, so this is a 'first' for me, as such.

I'm wondering if I need to do a total reformat but reluctant as, as you know, it takes forever to get software installed and all set up again.

Please could you advise as to what I should try next ... ????

As ever, I appreciate all / any help and suggestions


  onthelimit1 07:31 12 Aug 2013

Have your tried a system restore to before the problem occurred?

  AroundAgain 10:45 12 Aug 2013


Thank you SO much for your help. Onthelimit1, you were absolutely SPOT ON!!! :) I am so grateful that the solution was this. I think that is the first time I've needed to do a System Restore and it's worked a miracle!

Teemo, I also appreciate your suggestion but I knew I had the files as I had been looking at them. I just couldn't get PDFCreator to get the path.

Wow, don't viruses/malware cause peculiar behaviour. Most, if not all, that Malwarebytes and SpyBot picked up were PUPs. Should Avast not be blocking these?

So, now that my PC does NOT need a reformat, thank goodness, what steps should I be taking to prevent this happening again? As I said, I've had very little problem with viruses/malware over the past years.

I run Avast all the time, with regular updates, Malwarebytes maybe once a week but I've not run SpyBot till yesterday and am impressed with it. I don't think I have a firewall (not knowingly anyway) so maybe one could be recommended?

Again, a huge THANKS, particularly to onthelimit1. You are an absolute Star ;)

  onthelimit1 11:30 12 Aug 2013

Glad it worked - it's a very valuable tool in this situation. Sometimes things go wrong after an update, so not always caused by malware. If you use a router, that has a built in firewall. Windows also has a software one which runs by default.

  AroundAgain 11:43 12 Aug 2013

onthelimit1 Thanks for that. So, it seems I shouldn't need more protection. I must have just been very unlucky recently.

I think I will re-format my external hard drive, then back up again. Also, reformat the memory sticks. Then, in theory, all should be clean, I think. I've also been scanning my laptop and netbook but they seem clean, thank goodness.

Again, many thanks. I really appreciate help here Cheers

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