viruses... *sigh* again!

  [DELETED] 00:49 27 Dec 2008

Hi all,
My norton antivirus has just expired, and unable to renew it straight away i am fairly certain I have contracted something pretty nasty.
Basically I constantly get alerts from MS antispyware 2009 (which i didn't even know i had) saying i've got spyware up the yinyang... I wanted to go online to find a free package (AVG maybe?) however clicking on links from google results pages just constantly takes me to some random site nothing to do with the link.
Also i have a couple of free pieces of software already installed, superantispyware and a malware one however this virus seems to be stopping me from opening them as well... It seems whatever i can do to stop this has been cut off from me!

Would anyone be able to give me some advise on how to rectify this until Norton is renewed??

Thanks in advance


  baldyx 01:13 27 Dec 2008

I had similar problems i.e. lots of references to chinese sites.
I quickly ran a free software from click here
named Advance system Care to get rid of the threats. I run this frequently.

  [DELETED] 01:16 27 Dec 2008

thanks pal... just to clarify before i do anything on that site the link is to click here right? I ask just because of all these redirections i've been going on through links!

thanks again!

  [DELETED] 01:18 27 Dec 2008

ah that link was http:// www . iobit . com/
without the spaces of course.

is that right?

  beeuuem 01:22 27 Dec 2008

MS antispyware 2009 is a false programme
see click here
AVG free is at click here
Although you may have a virus try removing MS antispyware 2009 first and then try D/L and running AVG.

  beeuuem 01:23 27 Dec 2008

Sorry, the first link should be click here

  [DELETED] 01:47 27 Dec 2008

thanks beeuuem,
I think the virus is stopping me from going to websites like AVG's, i don't know how but i get a message saying the connection was refused. any way round that??

thanks for the helps guys!

  beeuuem 02:04 27 Dec 2008

Do you know haw lomg you have had the virus.
Although a virus can affect System Restore have you tried a restore to an earler date?

  [DELETED] 02:09 27 Dec 2008

I really think i could have only got it at some point today... I tried to do a system restore to yesterday but it said something about the disk needing cleaning, clicked on the button to do this but nothing ever came of it...
However i have now uninstalled what was MS antispyware 2009 however this has only stopped the constant warnings, i will try a system restore again.

thanks again

  [DELETED] 07:41 27 Dec 2008

Try running your Security programs in Safe mode.

  ened 08:20 27 Dec 2008

Try again with System Restore only go back further.

If you can manage to get to sites without being re-directed visit this free one and it will look at your entire system click here

BTW Have you tried Firefox as a browser - it may be the problem only affects IE?

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