VIRUS - Worm/ to kill???

  AMD 4 ever 15:16 21 Sep 2003

Hi all, I have recently caught this virus, unfortunately AVG 6.0 only detects it, then it wont remove it from the system, it keeps popping up after sent and deleted from vault. Please can anyone help...I wont rid of it!

  Chegs ® 15:18 21 Sep 2003

Reboot into safe mode(F8) and search for it(dllhosts I think it was)delete in safemode,and reboot back into normal wimpdoze

  AMD 4 ever 15:23 21 Sep 2003

ok I am running xp home...I shall give it a go.

  MAJ 15:26 21 Sep 2003

There is a removal tool, if you click here you can download it. Remember to turn off System Restore (if you have it) before running the tool, re-activate System Restore and create a new clean restore point when your system has been cleaned.

  expertec 15:28 21 Sep 2003

You can get a removal tool click here

  AMD 4 ever 15:57 21 Sep 2003

I have downloading the removal tool and it has cleaned the system and reg files. So I am re-running AVG to be sure. I shall let you know...thanks so much everyone.

  AMD 4 ever 15:59 21 Sep 2003

Doh AVG still finds the virus....back to sqaure 1.

  MAJ 16:02 21 Sep 2003

Did you turn off System Restore, AMD 4 ever? Where is AVG saying it is? Check it's not in the virus vault, although it shouldn't detect it in there.

  AMD 4 ever 16:08 21 Sep 2003

It's ok, It found them and cured it by healing the it is now removed from my system, a re-run has confirmed no infection. So a big thanks. cheers maj.

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