VIrus won't let me log on!

  YinHoNg 14:51 10 Oct 2004

I've been i the process of installing new software for my computer. I was going to upgrade to mcafee and uninstall my current antivirus program.

Stupidly i uninstalled my antivirus program first then installed mcafee. Now i think during that period when my computer wasn't protected, i've inherited a virus.

When i was prompted to restart to complete the installation of mcafee, i duly did so.

But when the windows loaded up the log in screen, it just restarted it again. This keeps on happening. So i don't even have a chance to log on to my account to do anything!
During the disk checkup, it mentioned a file /bootex.log and said it was truncated but everytime it does the check up it still remains there.

Please tell me, is there ANY way that i can get rid of this virus of solve the problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:55 10 Oct 2004

Can you get started in safe-mode?

  SANTOS7 15:03 10 Oct 2004

No. Bootex.log is a file created by chkdsk.exe when it is run; its results are rolled into the main log after the system finished booting. If chkdsk.exe is interrupted, bootex.log can become corrupted. When chkdsk.exe runs again, it tries to write to bootex.log, which is, unfortunately, now corrupt. It doesn't know this until after the check; so even though it was deleted by chkdsk.exe, it was written to in the mean time and is therefore still corrupt. The fix is to run under the Recovery console by either booting from the Windows XP CD or running \i386\winnt32.exe on the Windows XP CD with the argument /cmdcons. When in the console, run chkdsk.exe /p to fix the file. Then type del c:\bootex.log to remove the offending file. Reboot, and all is taken care of.

  Dorsai 15:04 10 Oct 2004

If as Diodorus Siculus suggests, you can get into safe mode, then turn off auto-restart.

that might give you the chance to see an error report, to find out which program is crashing the system.

  YinHoNg 15:07 10 Oct 2004

how do u do that??

  YinHoNg 15:27 10 Oct 2004

Yes i can get started in safe mode.

How do you turn off autorestart?

I cant seem to find the recovery console. How do i get to this?

  stalion 15:29 10 Oct 2004

you need to use the windows xp cd

  Diodorus Siculus 15:34 10 Oct 2004

http:// support.;EN-US;307654

  YinHoNg 17:05 10 Oct 2004

I cant seem to get it.

I've ended up booting from the cd rom and its let me log on again. But after i've logged on it has come up with a lot of errors. I ran chkdsk.exe and its stopped these errors.

I can now log on normally and i'm scanning for viruses right now. Will this be enough to be safe again you think?

btw, how can u determine how much memory is being used and by what programs?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:09 10 Oct 2004

How much memory: use the task manager

right click on the task bar and choose

Task Manager


click here
For an online AV checker if you are not happy with your current one.

Also run the system file checker



sfc /scannow

  YinHoNg 01:05 11 Oct 2004

Something else has started to happen now.

Several times now, my screen and comp has just frozen- sometimes just when i'm about to do a virus scan. Nothing happens and the only thing i can do is press the restart button.

Is this signs of someone hackin my computer?

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