Virus wont delete

  Aceypaul 01:03 26 Aug 2006

Hi All

i have a reasonably powerful PC,
Athlon XP 2800+, 1GB Ram, 160gb hard drive, x800xt Gcard etc etc

I have been having problems with my pc for a couple of weeks now. It has been basically just crashing on me when it wants to. So you cant open anything exe able or even anything like my computer or task manager. It requires a full shut down (via button, as shut down on start menu does not work)then i load up again, can do things for a while then it will do it again. I have purchased some pretty decent anti spyware software (spyware doctor) and that has deleted all the problems except one.

I have found every time when i load up my computer, in task manager under processes it has 2 different exes running under my name (not system or network or local) i end process but they come straight back. the exes are rundll32.exe and msijavaup32.exe i have also found that msijavaup32 in my 'my computer' start up on occassions even after i have deleted it.

I apologise for the complexity of this but if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks

  rodriguez 01:44 26 Aug 2006

click here - this is a malware removal program that identifies the msijavaup32.exe as being bad and should be able to remove it.

  Aceypaul 18:24 26 Aug 2006

thanks for that program mate. It has managed to jail the msijavaup32.exe file but i still get an error message as soon as i log on to my pc sayin it cannot run the thing. i guess thats ok so wont worry that.

The issue now is im still having to trun it off after a while. After time something will crash and then it will take everything with it, cant open task manager to shut it down. Very frustrating havin to turn on and off all the time.

I thought this might be a memory problem, does anyone have any other possibilities?


  DieSse 18:28 26 Aug 2006

*Virus wont delete*

What anti-virus program are you using?

Is it telling you you've got a virus?

If it does, what happens when you try to delete it?

  DieSse 18:30 26 Aug 2006

To stop the false javaupdate program from coming up -

Run MSCONFIG from the Run command in the start menu.

Look in the Startup tab

Take the tick out of the box for that program.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:11 26 Aug 2006

If the av software finds a virus butcannot delete it then try running a scan in safe mode.

Also, have a look in your add/remove programs list to see if theres anything there that shouldnt be there.

If you still cant kill it then take a note of the virus name, if given, and google it to see if you can find any manual extraction methods.

Good luck.


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