Virus weekend

  Forum Editor 10:34 23 Aug 2003

It's beginning to look as though we may be about to experience a bad weekend as far as virus infections are concerned, and although I very much hope that the alarms are false I thought it might be helpful to post details of those places (apart from here) where you can get help and/or advice about the current crop of nasties.

By far the biggest current threat is our friend I-Worm/Sobig.F which is classed as category 4 (high) risk.

There are other viruses active too, and for more information, or to download fixes you should
click here
click here
click here

As always, if you have any doubts, or if you think you have an infection but aren't sure what to do next, come to the Helproom. Take a look to see if there are any running threads about your problem before you post one of your own.

Have a good weekend, and as a famous precinct officer in a famous TV show used to say "Be safe out there".

  Chegs ® 10:37 23 Aug 2003

Channel 4? I used to watch that TV show,then they swapped its showtimes around and I simply gave up. :-)

  bvw in bristol 10:38 23 Aug 2003

Thank you.

  Kitz E Kat 10:47 23 Aug 2003

You could add "be safe out there, go Linux"!!!

  Forum Editor 10:53 23 Aug 2003

but I'm a realist - the vast majority of the world's desktops are Windows desktops, and this isn't a thread that's intended for discussions about alternatives.

  old fiddle 11:01 23 Aug 2003

I am a complete novice,downloaded Kerio firewall following the article in PC Advisor. Just read your offer to download virus protection in your article.
My concern is that since I downloaded the fire wall I am constantly interupted by Incomimg connection Alert(whatever that is)so you will understand that I am somewhat apprehensive about downloads.

  Kitz E Kat 11:08 23 Aug 2003

Just being a bit 'smug' !!!!!
I have Linux on one box all others are Windoze, they are asleep, at the monent!!!!
Waiting for the storm to blow over!!!!
Smug Kat

  BURGMAN02 11:39 23 Aug 2003

old fiddle - I tried a firewall and got the same problem so I deleted it. I also delete ALL e-mails that are not in response to mine. I think that should protect me from viruses.

Forum Editor - Heartfelt greetings and thanks from a sprogg for this delicious Website/Forum. You mentioned TV. I had one once but it stopped showing pictures when the motor that drove that disc thingy with the spiral of holes burnt out. The Internet is much better.

  powerless 11:50 23 Aug 2003

No Anti Virus? click here

Free online check click here

Windows Updated? click here

See you on the otherside people.

  Forum Editor 12:38 23 Aug 2003

99.999% of all firewall 'alerts' are simply notifications about routine contacts by your ISP, or some other innocent party. They may safely be ignored. Most people who are on the internet a good deal disable the alert notification in the firewall options and just let it get on with its job in silence.

The chances of your computer being invaded by someone (or something) are so small as to be almost negligible, and provided you have an up-to-date anti-virus application running you can surf the web with confidence. A couple of years ago almost nobody ran a personal firewall - they were unheard of in the home computing environment. It's a sign of the times that nowadays we all feel naked without one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:06 23 Aug 2003

sorry to rain on Kitz E Kats' parade..'Jack Clarke, European product manager at McAfee, said: "In fact it's probably easier to write a virus for Linux because it's open source and
the code is available. So we will be seeing more Linux viruses as the OS becomes more common and popular." and click here click here, and I was reading recently that Unix and Linux pro systems are receiving more viruses than MS systems. Have linux users forgotten the Goner worm? Looks like you will be off the net for the weekend then.


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