Virus watch: Should we fear a Blaster disaster?

  Ben Avery 11:17 13 Aug 2003

Makes interesting reading folks...

click here


  spikeychris 11:26 13 Aug 2003

Just finished fixing a shed load of machines for a very well known tyre manufacuter that have been hit. J2K flagged it up yesterday and its certainly doing the rounds.

click here for the patch


  Ben Avery 11:31 13 Aug 2003

Yeah, I was patched for it already and got the Live Update a few days ago. The point it makes about people needing to patch really is important so I thought I'd post the link.

Actually is a great site if you get the daily news headlines as they usually inform me about new virus' at least 1 or 2 days before McAfee or Symantec!

Plus their weekly roundup makes for very enjoyable reading on a friday afternoon - all the weeks main news made fun to read - and Graham Hayday has a wicked sense of humour to boot!


  DieSse 11:32 13 Aug 2003

So much for those who say don't install Windows updates!

  Belatucadrus 11:33 13 Aug 2003

If the number of postings in this forum are an indictaion of the virus spread on blaster, the article is very complacent.

  Ben Avery 11:33 13 Aug 2003

Each to thier own I guess - at least we'll be safe!


  Ben Avery 11:39 13 Aug 2003

The article is really intended for the IT manger's kind of level so there are rather a lot less people like the average home user who doesn't know about/care about windows patches.

Hence the article is really spot on at the audience it was intended for, therefore not, in my opinion, complacent at all. I wouldn't expect the same from Symantec's article on it (In fact today they gave it a Level 4 threat rating click here) so for them to say for home user's (who also use their product) complacent it would appear, but to this IT audience involved I think it is rather well written.

Remember too that it's the PRINCIPLE behind the article I was trying to get across, which is to use patches which are made available.


  Ben Avery 11:42 13 Aug 2003

the operative word is where they say, and I quote:

"Virus watch: Should we fear a Blaster disaster?
Not IF (caps mine) we paid more attention to patching systems?"


  leo49 11:53 13 Aug 2003

Maybe it's the heat making me crabby, but do I really care?

This virus outbreak[as in the majority of cases] was easily preventable and only made possible by the carelessness, stupidity and idleness of PC users.The means to close the door was available but they couldn't be bothered.Under these circumstances I feel a distinct lack of the milk of human kindness.

In another thread someone expresses the hope that those caught will learn from the experience but you'd have to be on some very strong medication or have an excellent dealer to entertain such a possibility.

Have a nice day.

  Belatucadrus 11:54 13 Aug 2003

Ben Avery, having seen various IT departments at work, naming no names but none of them were very good at keeping anti virus up to date and the idea of installing the windows patches wouldn't have occurred to them. Though to be fair all were using W9X systems and shouldn't have been affected by Lovsan. I know this is a very sweeping generalisation, but will be interested to see what the situation is at the end of the week.

  Ben Avery 12:03 13 Aug 2003

A good point although I would have to say that anyone calling themselves an "IT Department" who neglect these basic essentials should be sacked. Another sweeping generalisation but to echo the sentiments of Leo49, I would have no sympathy for these people. In fact, if they get infected and cause problems to the whole company, maybe the Fat Cats at the top will think twice next time they put there businesses in the hands of morons.


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