Virus Warning....Please read.

  Dumfy 19:37 02 Feb 2003

Hi everyone,

Just received this message in my e-mail so I thought I'd better post it here just in case.

See message below:

"During the next several weeks be VERY cautious
about opening or launching any e-mails that refer to the World Trade Centre or 9/11 in any way, regardless of who sent it.


For those that don't know, 'WTC' stands for the

World Trade Centre. This is very dangerous because people will open it right away, thinking
it's a story relating to 9-11.

Do not open "WTC Survivor"...It is a virus that
will erase your whole "C" drive. It will come to you in the form of an E-mail from a familiar person. I repeat, a friend sent it to me, but called and warned me before I opened it. He was not so lucky and now he can't even start his computer!

Forward this to everyone in your address book. I would rather receive this 25 times than not at all. If you receive an email called "WTC Survivor" do not open it.

Delete it right away! This virus removes all dynamic link libraries (.dll files) from your computer."



  JoeC 19:39 02 Feb 2003

WTC Survivor Hoax
Reported on: October 29, 2001
Last Updated on: October 29, 2001 03:42:20 PM
Symantec Security Response encourages you to ignore any messages regarding this hoax. It is harmless and is intended only to cause unwarranted concern.

  leo49 19:41 02 Feb 2003

Please do some checking before posting these alarmist false alarms.

click here

  bremner 19:41 02 Feb 2003

See here click here

click here

It appears to be a hoax virus

  Forum Editor 19:41 02 Feb 2003

as all email warnings like it are.

You can safely ignore anything that comes to you in this form, and should resist the temptation to forward it to anyone - let alone everyone in your address book.

That's what the hoaxer wants - to create a sense of panic, and to have the satisfaction of seeing his/her hoax get listed by all the anti-virus companies. Such people are ill, and should be receiving some form of psychiatric help.

  leo49 19:44 02 Feb 2003

If you believe that......

click here

  Dumfy 21:15 02 Feb 2003

Hi leo49,

Appreciate what you're saying.

I was only trying to help others and not be at all alarmist. This is the first time I've come across and thought it may be helpful. Better safe than sorry I guess as there must be someone else using this forum that's in the same situation as myself

I guess I'll be more careful in trying to help out next time.


  Pesala 21:40 02 Feb 2003

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