Virus W32.sober

  MoiraB 10:33 18 Dec 2004

Three times in the last 24 hours Norton has identified a virus in an email called "[email protected]!enc". Each time it appears to come from a different source but not one that I recognise. If I knew it was coming from someone I knew I'd let them know. Anyone know anything about it?

  spanneress 10:36 18 Dec 2004

click here

That's about the best removal tool you can get.

  MoiraB 10:44 18 Dec 2004

Norton Anti-Virus deletes it each time and I've run a full check afterwards but it seems to come in again in another email.

  spanneress 10:48 18 Dec 2004

They reproduce by infecting other peoples address books. If you know the sender, drop them a line and let them know they are infected. If they are anonymous - then relax and let Norton do it's job. It's when your AV doesn't identify them and they infect your machine you need to worry!

You can set up a spam filter in your mail box (depending on which mail service you are using - OE, hotmail etc ) which can block anonymous senders from reaching you. Ther should be a built in function on your mail providor, else try this one click here

  VoG II 10:49 18 Dec 2004

Probably somebody who has you in their address book is infected [email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  VoG II 10:50 18 Dec 2004
  spanneress 10:52 18 Dec 2004

Aha - Sensei VoG has risen..good morning. I see my work here is done and bow out gracefully to the master.


  MoiraB 10:53 18 Dec 2004

As I said, each time it comes from a different source and not one that I recognise.

  VoG II 10:54 18 Dec 2004

I don't know about "the master". I can't even get a "click here" right!

  spanneress 10:54 18 Dec 2004

Which mail service are you using?

  VoG II 10:55 18 Dec 2004

It "spoofs" the sender's address. As spanneress said, just let Norton deal with it.

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