A Virus that turns all the icons on a memory stick into shortcuts when pushed into USB port?

  K*B 22:37 10 Sep 2013

A friend recently used a memory stick pushed into a USB port of a PC which is a client on a students' enterprise data-network, for research work. After his research he noticed that all the items/objects saved in the memory stick show as shortcuts. The next day he printed some documents fron the same memory stick using my laptop and printer. This afternoon I pushed my memory stick into a USB port of my laptop and I noticed that all the items/objects on my stick now show as shortcuts! Has my laptop been infected? If it has, how do I disinfect it? Thanks.

  lotvic 00:02 11 Sep 2013

The infection/malware has hidden the files/folders and made shortcuts, follow the instructions on click here

  Marc Stephen 09:54 11 Sep 2013

Hi KB,

This is surely a Trojan virus attack which often destroys software files and making unnecessary shortcuts for all files and folders. And the most odd thing is that if you or someone double click this shortcuts your PC will be attacked by this viruses too. So you shouldn't click on those. Just install a good antivirus like Eset, Kaspersky etc and scan your flash drive. If you lose any data, you can have a try to recover them. This might be helpful for you: click here

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