Virus Trojan Horse

  Yorkie 1 17:46 02 Nov 2004

Hi there, My AVG has detected a virus on my C: drive which it seems is a "DOWNLOADER.MEDIKET.A" The virus programme cannot remove it, it seems it is stored in C:\Restore\temp\ files but the computer says it cannot find them. My system restore on Windows ME isn't working. What is this virus, what does it do, and how can I be rid of it. Thanks for your help in advance, I know there are some knowledgable people out there.
Yorkie 1

  rawprawn 17:51 02 Nov 2004

Try running your AV in safe mode. Tap F8 when rebooting, don't worry if it looks strange

  rawprawn 17:53 02 Nov 2004

Also download and run this free program

  rawprawn 17:54 02 Nov 2004

click here sorry forgot the link

  Yorkie 1 09:43 03 Nov 2004

Hi there rawprawn, thanks for taking the trouble to make those suggestions. I tried both, but neither was effective, the virus is still being reported.
Is there anyone else out there who can help, I don't even know what effect the virus will have, if any.

  Eastender 09:53 03 Nov 2004

The trojan is in the System Restore folder which is protected. You will have to disable System Restore to delete it.

For Me click here

  Eastender 10:08 03 Nov 2004

I should have added run AVG before you re-enable System Restore.

So it's disable > AVG > enable.

  Mimi1 11:55 03 Nov 2004

I had a Trojan Norio virus a little while ago ... nothing I tried would get rid of it (even though I took loads of advice from knowledgeable people on forums). Specific porn sites kept popping up (no joke when there are kids around!). Some kind person on another forum gave me a link explaining all about this virus and it stated that only a skilled IT person would be able to get rid of it.

In the end, my computer slowed down so much it was unusable and I called in an "expert" to clean the hard disk. It's now like a new computer, but I'm extremely wary to potential viruses now and regularly perform Norton scans.

Hopefully, your virus will be a lot easier to get rid of!

  Yorkie 1 12:35 03 Nov 2004

To all especially Eastender, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I followed your instructions, Eastender and the virus scan never decteted a virus after disabling System Restore. I ran it agan after re-enabling System Restore, still no virus detected. I don't see where and when it went, but go it did so once again to all you wonderful people

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