Virus and Trojan Attack

  Ex plorer 21:24 07 Sep 2009

Hi Just as I clicked onto a site with a green tick to a site and then had a virus warning

Country: United Kingdom
City: Warrington
Your private data is under attack


It showed C Drive with 14 Trojans 4 on D drive.
I was warned that my PC was under attack and that I should run my AVG by clicking on the Scan button of AVG within the warning that came up.

Seconds later I was to enchanc Security and down load by clicking on a button.

I was asked to save a file called scanner (–603_2015_6exe.) also (scanner file603_2015_6exe)

I ignored all prompts and ran A squared which found nothing, I then ran AVG from its icon on on my desk top.
Apart from finding tracking cookies all looks clear I closed all windows relating to the virus attack by clicking on the X shut down button with repeated attempts as they came back. Eventually I closed them.
I see the scanners are my in my History should I just delete them.
I cant find the web page just yet but I will copy paste here with a warning not to use it if that’s OK
Problem is I have three scanner files in history should I just delete them.

  Ex plorer 22:11 07 Sep 2009

Hi thanks for that running it now.
Home page was changed nothing bad and I have ccorrected it, the three scanner files were in the download history so maybe not out of the woods yet.

  Sea Urchin 22:40 07 Sep 2009

You have been infected by a rogue anti-malware program which is designed to rip you off.

As Jock1e suggests you should run Malwarebytes, and remove all it finds. Then run it again to make sure that it comes up clear.

  Ex plorer 23:36 07 Sep 2009

Ok its called Trojan.FraudPack that's attacked the PC.
Malwarebites found them and I followed instructions to get rid and rebooted.

Ran CCleaner and deldeletedl all found files.

I also checked with Windows Defender when I was under attack, that gave a green light

I have looked it up and still may have to buy a tool to get rid of all traces any comment or advice is wlcome.

  DieSse 23:55 07 Sep 2009

A comment - it doesn't say a lot for AVG that it let you get this infection, that needed Malwarebytes to discover.

Consider a better AV program. Avira and Avast give better protection for free. For better still Eset Security Suite is my recommendation. 30 day free trial.

click here

  Sea Urchin 00:12 08 Sep 2009

You don't need to buy anything to get rid of it. Many of the so-called removal programs when you Google are themselves further infections.

  Ex plorer 01:02 08 Sep 2009

Hi Sea Urchin, I downloaded Spyhunter and ran it the only trace it could find was a Double-click Cookie, for peace of mind I uninstalled all cookies, and I heed your warning of these fix-all programs and what may come with them.
I will run all virus ware again.

DieSse Yes I agree its time for changing AVG thanks for the advice on other AVs.

Jock1e Thanks for your help in finding the culprits with the Malwarerebytes.

Its just bought me back to reality check and whats out on the net I will be surfing a little slower in future

Thanks all for the helping me out.

  tonymcdonn 11:57 08 Sep 2009

Spyware Doctor is the best it will stop the lot from coming in.

  Ex plorer 14:18 08 Sep 2009

Still having problems.

OS Vista

I have now deleted Spy Hunter on my findings on the Internet.

I also had difficulty getting into Control Panel and the Icons were resized to large. I have now corrected this.

The mouse refused to work after switching off the laptop.
To get it work I simply UN-plugged it and plugged back in.

One other thing I always use the spell check on here but its started to mix words when used.

  kobaltzx 14:53 08 Sep 2009

As you obviously read or buy the mag use the free pc tools internet security supplied with this months edition. I,ve been using it for ayear now @ swear by it.For £5.99 you won't get a better deal anywhere.

  Ex plorer 15:18 08 Sep 2009

Ok Kobaltx, I have just down loaded Spywar Doctor, and it found very little.
I then ran an old out of date registry Mechanic and it found 46 faults and repaired them.
I ran Spyware Doctor again and no infections were found.
Jock1e I now have WOT.

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