Virus? Tries to log-on automat. & memory drain msg

  [DELETED] 08:48 30 Oct 2003

Need help folks. In the past few days my PC has been trying to log on as soon as I boot up. I downloaded some game patches (MOH Spearhead)during that time and thus did a system restore to a time before those downloads but the problem remains. Worse, I got a message this morning while writing an email - the typing of which slowed to a stutter - that my virtual mememory was almost used up - something is sapping resources which slow my PC use to concrete sludge. In the past I had a SubSeven virus which I removed completely following a vast array of instructions in order to do so! Could it have come back in another guise?

Could it be something simple like dial-up settings? My old BT Openworld dial up is still there but I have that plus an Etelecom account set at 'never dial a connection'.

I'm reluctant to delete them because I did this with Etelecom when I no longer had the account and my internet connection just gave me a blank net page. Several calls to BT Help later and all sorts of suggestions and phone calls to try and solve it and the problem was only solved by me reinstalling Etelecom (without help!) over a Bank Holiday weekend.

All thess might be false trails, just trying to premept suggestions that I have already covered.

It stands at this: PC tries to log on as soon as I boot up (I think it is via the internal 56K modem because it keeps giving the message 'No Dial Tone') about every two seconds. Now my PC usage has slowed to almost nothing, because the virtual memory is being drained by something!

Can I safely uninstall my BTOpenworld account without it taking anything from the BT Broadband account with it or anything vital for connectivity? And is that the problem anyway!?


  [DELETED] 09:01 30 Oct 2003

Firstly, I would take a look in msconfig (Start > Run, type msconfig, click OK, click the Startup tab) and see what's trying to start at boot up that might be causing your PC to try to connect. Also, download, install, update and run both Adaware click here and Spybot click here to eliminate any spyware on your computer. You don't mention doing a virus scan, if you haven't any anti-virus software, download, install, update and run AVG click here all three utilities are free.

  [DELETED] 10:11 30 Oct 2003

Thanks Maj! I didn't think of the REALLY obvious!!!! I downloaded Spyware and found a mass of it on my system: Gator, Alexia, eAcceleration etc. etc. Must have words with my wife who is accessing all sorts of sites for selling and buying & trading stuff!

After going through the Spyware created lists I deleted all stuff I knew shouldn't be there and PC hasn't tried to log-on unprompted now and there is also no memory lag evident either. Many thanks! Goddam Spyware!!!

  [DELETED] 10:23 30 Oct 2003

That's good news, Lermontov, I'm glad that has cured the problems.

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