Virus took boot file!!!

  CutNpaste 13:20 21 Mar 2005

my friends computer wont load windows. it will go the the options of choosing safe mode or other configurations, but would comeout with a balnk screen in the end.
From what i know, i think a virus wiped out his boot.ini file and th only way to recover is to use the recovery console using fix boot.
BUT he is a novice user and wont be able to do it, plus i cannot do it for him because i live too far from him.
Is their an easier way of doing this, like executing a fix boot program from a floppy.

Let me know plzzz


  MichelleC 14:58 21 Mar 2005

If a virus got to his boot sector it's best to re-do from scratch and re-write boot record using fdisk. The A: command is FDSIK/MBR. The talk thro for fdisk is here click here and you can make a 98 boot disc from here click here

  keith-236785 16:10 21 Mar 2005

MichelleC, beat me to it but remember the space after fdisk & before the /


fdisk /mbr

i think that if the boot.ini is corrupt then it will require a re-install of windows to rectify it but please wait for other ideas.

as MichelleC says download a win98SE boot disk, double click to create a floppy boot disk (you will need 1 blank floppy disk) then boot the poorly pc with the boot disk, at the menu press SHIFT +F5 (think its shift, might be CTRL but it does say at the bottom of the menu screen) to enter command prompt

then at the prompt A:> type

fdisk /mbr

this will rewrite the boot sector of the hard drive, remove the floppy and reboot, see if it then goes on to load windows fully. if not then its a re-install.

good luck

  Completealias 16:52 21 Mar 2005

One problem there thou is that a 98 disk won't see the hard drive if its is in NTFS file system.

Personally I'd boot with the xp cd and repair the xp installion (you won't lose any docs or programs) Once you done that I'd run a full scan with anti virus , antispyware/malware and a trojan scanner. click here for a ms article on mbr viruses

If that doesn't work then I'd fix the mbr and do a clean install

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