Virus In System Restore? Keep your restore points

  powerless 23:49 06 Oct 2003

XP uses a hidden system folder called the System Volume folder to store information needed to create restore points for the System Restore feature. Sometimes a file in this folder might contain a virus. You can get rid of it by turning off System Restore and deleting all the restore points, but that might not be the best solution. It's possible to keep the existing restore points and just get rid of the offending file, but you'll need to use the info in KB article 309531 to access the folder. Find out how at: click here

  powerless 23:50 06 Oct 2003

Found at click here ;-))

  woodchip 23:57 06 Oct 2003

It would be a lot easier to create a Drive Image backup and use that to restore from. That would terminate the virus

  powerless 00:01 07 Oct 2003

I dont use it myself, i use yeah you guessed it. DI [email protected]

But with so many nasties around at the moment and people using SR. I thought it was a worth while post to save restore points and gutted soles.

  powerless 18:31 07 Oct 2003


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