Virus/ spyware problem

  shang1308 17:20 30 Jun 2007

Hi folks,

Ive got a nasty piece of something on my home p.c- i'm beginning to think that Norton is a bit poor!!

Basically i have something on my computer which is imitating the 'windows security center'- it appears in my icons as a alternating between a blue shield with a white question mark and a red shield with a white cross through it.

It then displays a warning bubble- if you click on this- even on the close arrow, an internet page opens with a page name of 'click here'


My IE pages automatically keep diverting to ''.

Ive downloaded 3 reputable spyware and virus finders which are finding something but not getting rid of it.

I've tried going into administrator mode to find anything but didn't really know what else to look for.

Just wondered if anyone else had any experiences of this that may be able to help.

p.s i can't find my system restore pack- so after another alternative if possible!


  skidzy 17:23 30 Jun 2007

Sounds like the rogue program or related to Winfixer.
click here

  VoG II 17:24 30 Jun 2007
  tullie 17:25 30 Jun 2007

Have a look at this

click here

  Mac70 17:51 30 Jun 2007

As VoG says, you have a Smitfraud infection. If you go the Self-fix route and use Smitfraud fix, use Option 1 first to be sure, as that tutorial has omitted an important note.

*Warning : running option #2 on a non infected computer will remove your Desktop background.*

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