pcdimwit 01:27 18 Apr 2010

I have just got a virus on my other laptop, the one I am using here os fine, its on the same router and I've ran Malwarebytes quick scan and its not found anything on this laptop. I must have looked in a website and it brought up a window on the affected laptop in the kitchen sayng it was potentially dangerous, anyway I now have "security Tool - Protect your PC" which looks like it is in the style of the MSE which I am running on previous advice on this and the other laptop, the prblem is that the laptop with "security Tool" virus on it wont let me open "Malware bytes programme" that I used before to delete the "personal Security" virus I had then, when I get the authtorisation code and payment window to disasspear and then try to open Malwarebytes programme it comes up IMMEDIATELY with the window with a beg red CROSS saying "Harmful software detected. Activate Security tool? which I click "no" for and then it comes up with 45 infections found, and back to "activate security tool" icon again, ad-infinitum., every time I try and open either ccleaner or anti-malwarebytes, it also says in the window: Mbam.exe is infected with worm Lsas, Blaster keylogger is trying to send credit card details usung Mbam.exe to remote host"

My question is: WHAT DO I DO????
When this happened before we could open the malwarebytes programme and let that run and it found the virus hidden somewhere in the C drive, and we could delete them all, but this wont even let me open the MSE icon (it doesnt even seem to appear in the task bar at the bottom of the screen????) - PLEASE HELP with instructions for a computer DUNCE like me to follow, thanks PCDIMWIT.

  Taff™ 01:39 18 Apr 2010

Don`t panic! I can`t promise to be here much longer tonight but boot into Safe Mode and run Malwarebytes from there. I won`t be surprised if that doesn`t work. Post back when you can and I`ll pick up the thread in the morning.

  pcdimwit 08:21 18 Apr 2010

Just got up and put the "good" laptop on, I dont know how to "boot" in the "safe" mode?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  birdface 09:10 18 Apr 2010

Safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.

  onthelimit 09:13 18 Apr 2010

With some viruses, you have to change the Malwarebytes file name so it (the virus) doesn't recognise it (right click).

  onthelimit 09:14 18 Apr 2010
  pcdimwit 09:14 18 Apr 2010

right I'm gonna start that in a bit, I did a virus before called "Personal Security" and I was advised to download the Rkill and then Malwarebyte4s anti-malware programme for that particular virus, do you think the same process will work for this virus? I'm back and forth from one laptop to the other so its a bit difficult, thanks PCDIMWIT

  birdface 09:28 18 Apr 2010

It should work in safe mode.Run all of your security programs on there and remove what they find.

  pcdimwit 09:29 18 Apr 2010

Thanks for that, I think this particular virus is called "Security Tools protect your PC" it looks like the icons on the MSE (microsoft security essentials) virus scanner I am only running - on advice previously from here - it had made the little green "castle" with the tick on it disappear from the tool bar below and the virus shows itself with the windows and logo's in the style of MSE (to con you I guess) - I know all this is "fixable" but for a dunce like me I must be very patient and come back to all this in a bit, mum bedridden and must do some things up there and only come back to all this later when I am not "mithered" with other jobs, Oh, I hate computers!!! PCDIMWIT.

  onthelimit 09:34 18 Apr 2010

Good luck with it - malwarebytes will usually shift the most stubborn bug if the various options are tried.

  onthelimit 09:37 18 Apr 2010

If non of the above work, and you have time on your hands (!), there are comprehensive instructions click here to enable you to post on a forum for malware removal advice.

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