virus security software

  cordeiro 18:28 06 Jun 2010

if AVG free anti-virus software is very good is it necessary to try to buy Norton's or Mcafee.
I had F-Secure software by Talk Talk installed but it interfered with my normal use as it even tried to block a Windows XP update. With AVG installed today I have no problems. Am I quite safe with AVG free software ?

  T I M B O 18:30 06 Jun 2010

If i had the choice between Norton , McAfee or AVG, id choose AVG. AVG is very good and will work well for you + it's free. But my AV i use is Avast

  onthelimit 19:05 06 Jun 2010

Whichever you choose, only one antivirus should be run. More than one antimalware is OK. Im quite happy with the free Microsoft security Essentials backed up by Malwarebytes.

  SirMetal 20:20 06 Jun 2010

is your answer ;)

  HWJC 21:06 06 Jun 2010

I've never been confident with AVG and all objective testing I've seen indicates it performs less well than other free software. click here for various reports and results. Avast, for example, seems to perform better and faster on almost every single test, so when you see AVG is good, demonstrably it's not. I'm interested in MSE and been encouraged by reports of regular improvement but haven't had the opportunity to test it yet.

Some people seem to be pathologically against paying for anything, but the commercial offerings are certainly better than the free ones - faster, lighter, more thorough\comprehensive. Norton seems to be the best.

That said I wouldn't use any standalone AV, where you have to chose something else for Firewall HIPs Rootkit detection Keylogger etc, which may or may not cover all aspects, maybe duplicate some processes and maybe leave gaps in other aspects. How you discover what's covered and what isn't, I don't know. There seems a dearth of detail for anyone to tell either way what you cover and, more importantly, what you leave open.

For that reason I go for Norton 360 (commercial) or Comodo Free - the former is better on the AV side, the latter better on the firewall side, but both seems to cover all bases.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:24 06 Jun 2010

Am I quite safe with AVG free software ?
Yes (although Avast is better)

you also need
a firewall
XP's is no good as its in coming only, ZoneAlarm is good with XP

Malware bytes is a god antimalware but the fre version does not do realtime scanning.

My recommendation for free protection for XP is:
MSE (realtime AV and Antimalware)
Zonealarm firewall
Malwarebytes free as a backup scanner
SpywareBlaster as a blocker
and some common sense not to go lurking around dodgy websites.
You wont have any problems if you use them.

  HWJC 22:42 06 Jun 2010

Fruitbat: XP's is no good as its incoming only, ZoneAlarm is good with XP

That's not my understanding, which is that Zonealarm is worse than useless. Matousec rate Zonealarm's protection level as "None" though the commercial version is respectable (even though rated as "poor").

click here

That page explains why I listed Comodo for a firewall. I await reports on its AV capabilities though, which I've never yet seen, unfortunately.

Interesting to note, too, that AVG, Avast, Eset, F-Secure, Avira, Mcafee also have virtually non-existent firewall capabilities too. Very worrying. Kaspersky rates highly, but I just can't get on with the software at all - merely a personal thing.

  onthelimit 09:07 07 Jun 2010

Surely, if you're working through a router, that is a hardware firewall in itself?

  john bunyan 10:21 07 Jun 2010

When I had XP I found Comodo (free) firewall very good if a bit intrusive. Now on W7 and I use PCTools (free) firewall, and reccomend it.I now use: Firewall: PC Tools
Anti Virus: Avira (Would use MSSE if I changed)
Anti Malware: Spywareblaster, SAS, Malawarebytes.

  cordeiro 17:38 07 Jun 2010

thank you wonderful folks. you have set my mind at rest.

  slimpikins 18:16 07 Jun 2010

I find running the advanced system optimizer 3 allongside avg, increases my units security and performance,I visit allot of red flag sites and have had no bother, highly recomended for xp.

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