Virus Scan detection

  Kizzy-Woo 13:32 03 Feb 2003

When doing CTRL+ALT+DEL I get "Defscangui" running in the background. It seems to stop my doing a scan disk and defrag. Whilst doing scan disk, I get a message saying that this drive is already being used and scan disk has retried 10 times but cannot continue. I think it was something that I downloaded, have now deleted but it is still lurking.

Can anyone help please?

  JoeC 13:38 03 Feb 2003

have a Trojan running on your system. Go to Symantec site ( Security Response ) and type Defscangui into the search box. It comes up with this click here

  JoeC 14:00 03 Feb 2003

I got your email - thyank you. Just a teensy weensy bit of advice for you though - could you please put any replies / further queries in the forum by adding them into the " Add a new response to " boxes at the bottom of your thread. It is basically to let everyone see what is / has been tried and what, if anything, is working - or not as the case may be. The more people that see the postings, the more heads that can be scratched to solve the problem !! I would also check for antivirus etc updates on an almost daily basis as this has been known about since 7th January. Anyhow, I hope you have success in sorting it. Regards : }

  JoeC 14:04 03 Feb 2003

point out ( 'cos I forgot the first time ) that clicking on the envelope icon beside a posters name to send an email also reveals your email address to the recipient.

  Kizzy-Woo 14:16 03 Feb 2003

OK! Thanks (I'm new to this as you might have guessed). Just out of interest, how did I get this Trojan.kkiller thing?

  JoeC 14:24 03 Feb 2003

from emails, or by visiting certain P2P sites ( Kazaa and similar ). As long as your AV is bang up-to-date you are reasonably secure. Practice safe surfing and all that...... : }

  JoeC 14:29 03 Feb 2003

The Cleaner ( 30 day trial ) click here

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