Virus Scan / Config Problem

  Geord 17:48 10 Oct 2004

In the last couple of days I have encountered a couple of problems which may be related - perhaps someone could advise.

The icons on the original window screen upon start up have started to relocate in a haphazard format upon start up rather than where originally saved. This doesn't happen all the time, but has become more frequent.

In addition today I tried to run a virus scan (Trend Micro PC-illin 2003) and the scan freezes at exactly the same point every time ( I have tried 3 times today and have rebooted to see if the problem goes away). The folder it freezes on is as follows:


I haven't encountered this problem before - all previous scans have been fine, but there's obviously a reason why the scan freezes on this particular folder.

Not sure whether these 2 problems are related or totally separate, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Windows System: Me

Many Thanks

  johnnyrocker 17:51 10 Oct 2004

what size is this folder and might you not be giving the scan enough time to complete?


  canard 19:20 10 Oct 2004

Try scan disk. Possibly the folder has managed to turn itself into never ending loop. If so time for a big back up.

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