Virus, Return to Sender

  penny 22:48 15 May 2004

I am getting at least one Email per day containing a virus. Would it do any good to click forward and send it straight back from whence it came. Maybe the owner of the computer might decide to install a decent Anti Virus and clean up their computer if they keep getting bombarded with returned viruses. What you think?

  powerless 22:49 15 May 2004

nahhh no fun.

  Mo H 22:52 15 May 2004

I should think that any virus writer would log your email address and as emails give out IP numbers they may try and hack your system direct.

I would NOT return a virus. The thought is nice but would cause more probs in future for you.

Download Mailwasher and run it before checking your email. Then simply select delete (DO NOT BOUNCE IT) and carry on.

Mailwasher download follow this link!

click here

  penny 23:01 15 May 2004

Thanks Mo H I will give mailwasher a try.

  penny 23:14 15 May 2004

I was thinking more on the lines that a virus is passed on by ignorant users who either don't know or don't care about the importance of a decent anti virus prog. Surely all the infected Emails I am getting don't come direct from the writer, or do they?

  Mo H© 23:18 15 May 2004

Not directly but the first virus is sent to say 1000 people and of them some 20 get infected. Then every email they write is sent 'infected' and so the chain begins.

However, I believe that if they are smart enough to write the thing then they are smart enough to randomly send to thousands of addresses

Cheers Pen

  Forum Editor 23:44 15 May 2004

don't come from the virus writer, but they may not be coming from the person whose name is on them either. Some viruses - Sobig for instance - spoof email addresses, that is they take an address at random from the hard drive of the infected computer and send themselves as if coming from that address. You get an email that appears to come from [email protected] when in fact it's coming from a completely different address. You send a terse email to joebloggs complaining that he's sent you an infected email, but he hasn't - his computer is clean, and the infected machine is somewhere else entirely.

For that reason it's best not to send anything to anyone - take a look at the information in the mail header and you'll see that joebloggs is not the real sender at all. The best thing to do is nothing - delete all such mail and carry on with your life.

  penny 23:49 15 May 2004

Thanks for the info FE, these writers are too darn clever for their own good. Clever but sad.

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