Virus reporting/tracking

  goffer23 18:25 22 Jan 2006

I have been receiving some emails from an automated non-reply service from my ISP stating that I have been sent emails from different addresses containing a virus.

What is interesting is that they all emanate from Switzerland. I do have contact with family members there, but to the best of their knowledge (limited as regards PC’s) they are not infected.

Has anybody else received similar emails and what is the best method of reporting it to prevent further escalation/reproduction? Is there a better forum for this question?

  spuds 19:51 22 Jan 2006

Perhaps they have an address book with an infection in it. They are perhaps unaware that could be spreading an infection.Contact them, and ask if they do regular checks on their systems.

  goffer23 23:32 22 Jan 2006

Thanks for the reply spuds, already did that a while back. Any ideas on reporting?

  spuds 15:48 23 Jan 2006

These people might be interested click here But your ISP will have reported this, if necessary.

  goffer23 23:21 23 Jan 2006

Spuds, thanks for the link but it appears to be university and Sophos specific.
Have sent a list of 'senders' to my cousins to see if they recognise the 'from' addresses and requested them to rerun their antivirus again and also to try AVG.
So will see what transpires.
Thanks anyway.

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