Virus query

  baz\ 17:47 16 Jun 2004

I GOT HIT BY TROJAN HORSE DIALER yesterday, i did me daily scans, llike spybot, adawar and when i did one in avg i found that i was infecte with trojan horse dialer 8.u. It was in tempo files, i deleted them and disabled system restorre and scanned and now it doesnt come up in the scan but is there anyone that could get me some info on what is was and where it came from, i tried symantec and avg but they dont have it in there databases. Any help?

  baz\ 15:45 17 Jun 2004

Was this the write way to remove it, it doesnt show up in any scans but could it be still in me PC?

  Fruit Bat 16:04 17 Jun 2004

If it was only in temp files you probably didn't need to diasble sys restore (have you remembered to set a new restore point).

Had alook yesterday, mention in several forums of how to get rid but nothing on origin.


  ameba 16:45 17 Jun 2004

I got this too. pc went haywire for ages. I was downloading trial versions of games on aol site. everything was ok, played games etc. then I tried suggestions for other games on internet explorer sites and one site was offering free games to download.
My AVG detected it and quarentined it but in my panic after it "healed" I deleted all cookies from temp internet files and everything the pc suggested do to get rid of.
It was a pop up window that came on during download of game that asked did I want a spyware prog. installed? I said no as I had Adware6 which was doing fine. Next thing I know, PC went crazy. and then another pop up window asked was I experiencing annoying constant pop ups and was pc acting starngely. Then install our prog. I said no again and then files on pc went crazy. I rescued it all before any serious damage was done and got rid of everything connected with the virus and the game stuff I was trying to download. I did not pay much attention to the details of the site that caused the problems as I was too busy panicking and getting rid off all the stuff. Everything seems ok now though thanks to AVG. I have a estart prob with pc. but that was happening before the virus thing.

  baz\ 16:51 17 Jun 2004

So is is safily removed?

Shall i get copy nd paste a hijak log?

  ameba 17:07 17 Jun 2004

click here
Found something. this was one of the suspect sites. Soon as I visited it again to confirm one of the sites. I was immediately pestered to download something to play the games. Thats when my problems began. suggest no one visit it unless you are extremely confident to deal with these things which I am not.

  baz\ 17:07 17 Jun 2004

Has this virus been fully removed?

  ameba 20:05 17 Jun 2004


  baz\ 11:03 18 Jun 2004

Thanks ameba
Was this a dialer or a trojan horse as i did not see anything dial out as i have dialer control.

  helmetshine 13:05 18 Jun 2004

I did read somewhere that pop-ups of this kind don't actually have a NO just looks like one but by clicking it you are,in reality,agreeing to the download.The safest way out is not to click anything....just bring up Task Manager.....highlight the relevant task and hit end task.....shuts the window down without having to click anywhere inside it

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