Virus protection - Norton v Mcafee

  jagsimmons 12:24 23 May 2004

I realise that many will advise to go for free products such as AVG etc. But if a choice is to be made between the above 2 what would people advise? I have read so many conflicting opinions on various sites that it is hard to know where the truth lies!

Also is it worth investing in the Norton Systemworks package with its array of utilities or am I better of using the basic tools built into XP?

  Belatucadrus 13:01 23 May 2004

Of the two Norton gets by far the most PCA forum postings from people who have problems with it. As to the utilities, OK but probably not neccessary.

  €dstowe 13:04 23 May 2004

I wouldn't have either. Both have given me much grief in the past and I'm now of the opinion that ANY other security system is better than either of those.

I now use AVG Pro and Outpost firewall.


  anchor 13:54 23 May 2004

By reading the postings in the past, it seems that Norton System Works "can" give problems.

As regards pure virus protection, reviews indicate that there is little to choose between the protection given by either McAfee or Norton.

Personally, I have used Norton AV for years, (currently 2004), the virus definitions of which I update daily from the Norton site. Never had any problems. For my Firewall, I use Zone Alarm Pro.

Never used AVG or Outpost, so cannot comment on these.

  961 14:03 23 May 2004

A lot seems to depend on what else you have on your system

I've used both but in recent times have found that I've had trouble with both

So now I use Avast. It's free, it works, so why have hassle with anything else?

  Gaz 25 14:26 23 May 2004

Both are good virus detectors, but both also tend to slow your PC up.

  Fruit Bat 16:03 23 May 2004

Mcfee misses alot and norton conflicts with many other programs, also see thread Norton Flaw posted today. Try something else I use AVG have also heard good reomendations for Avast.

  CHAIRLEG 16:31 23 May 2004

I have NSW Pro 2003.At the moment auto virus scan and email scan has packed in.Checked at symatic site and found instructions how to remove from system 8 pages of horror to me.Involves going into places i dare not touch so for the time being i am stuck with it.

  961 17:03 23 May 2004

Go on...I dare you!

But seriously, do a restore point and a registry back up and then delete the stuff

You will find, by and large, that you don't really need to delete all the stuff that hangs around. Get the bones of it off your system and usually you can forget the rest

  MikeOT 18:41 23 May 2004

OK so you didn't ask for this, but if you think AVG is not worth considering because it is free, think again. It's very good, and all the IT support professionals I've used for my business use AVG and recommend it. You can pay for a newer version, but I've tried it and prefer the free version 6 for personal use, pro version 6 for the office network.

  Daisy22 18:52 23 May 2004

do you have to use a www address to get these, if so what site please?

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