Virus protection disabled/Browser defender issues

  Dazman5 16:13 16 Oct 2014


I have just attempted to use Google Chrome as normal but it wouldn't allow me to access any page, suggesting that Google Chrome had wrongly been placed behind a firewall (or something to that extent).

I've also found that my virus protection software (Norton Security) has been disabled, and in the drop-down menu by the clock in the bottom right-hand corner, that has been replaced by Norton Management. When I try to access Norton Management, nothing happens.

I've since got to the point where I have accessed the 'Action Center', and under security, it has two security issues -

  1. Spyware and unwanted software protection (Important)

Windows Defender and Norton Internet Security are both turned off.

  1. Virus Protection (Important)

Windows Defender and Norton Internet Security are both turned off.

When I have attempted to resolve the issue when being given the option to turn Norton Security back on, I click on the option to do so and nothing happens.

I've seen been unable to access Internet Explorer. When Google Chrome stopped working, I was initially able to use that for an hour, but it has seen stopped working after I tried to reinstall Google Chrome (which was unsuccessful).

Any ideas what my next step should be or how I can go about turning Norton on again? Whenever I click on a Norton icon, nothing happens.

I've since noticed that Browser defender is present on my laptop. I had issues with this three months ago (almost to the day) but thought I had got rid of it. On my Windows 8 apps screen, there's an option to uninstall it but it won't let me do so.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

  Dazman5 17:02 16 Oct 2014

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply.

'Use a proxy server' was unticked. AdwCleaner is currently scanning.

Earlier, to get back onto Internet Explorer, I did a system restore to three days ago. The problem with Google Chrome and Norton Internet Security remained the same though.

Another note on Browsedefender - Yahoo Community Smartbar is a constant feature in 'Uninstall or change a program'. Every time I uninstall it, it returns the next time I open 'Uninstall or change a program'.

  Dazman5 17:14 16 Oct 2014

I've rebooted, and BrowseDefender and Yahoo Community Smartbar appear to have been removed.

However, it's still the same as far as Norton is concerned. I can access my Norton account but I'm given no option to run a full scan. Could it be a case where I need to download it again?

  Dazman5 20:03 16 Oct 2014

Thanks for your help, Dave.

Norton Management was visible but Norton was indicating that none of their software was enabled or presented on laptop. I uninstalled the smaller things that were left and reinstalled, and the option to conduct full system scans has returned.

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